Gaelic in spanish


pronunciation: gɑelikoʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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Gaelic = gaélico, celta. 

Example: The lower class Gaelic monoglots were largely unable to read, being deprived of both libraries and alternative means of obtaining the limited Gaelic literature.


» Scots Gaelic = gaélico escocés.

Example: It is at present functioning in twelve languages (Welsh, Irish, Breton, Basque, English, French and Spanish, Scots Gaelic, Italian, Slovene, Frisian and Dutch).

» Scottish Gaelic = gaélico escocés.

Example: Steps were taken in the late 1960s to achieve a Scottish Gaelic union catalogue to include works held outside Scotland.

Gaelic synonyms

erse in spanish: gaélico, pronunciation: ɜrs part of speech: noun celtic in spanish: céltico, pronunciation: seltɪk part of speech: adjective, noun goidelic in spanish: Goidelic, pronunciation: gwaɪdelɪk part of speech: noun
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