Gaggle in spanish


pronunciation: mɑnɑdɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

gaggle1 = cotorreo, charla, parloteo, charlatanería, cacareo, graznido, gallinero. 

Example: As I waited at her door, I heard the gaggle of kids voices laughing and chatting all the way to the door.


» a gaggle of = un grupo de, una bandada de, una manada de. [Generalmente usado para referirse a los gansos]

Example: Gaggles of teenage girls, dignified matrons and white-haired grandmothers have trekked daily to the square to protest against the discrimination they suffer.

gaggle2 = graznar, cacarear, chacharear, charlatanear, charlotear, parlotear, cotorrear. 

Example: All around me, the women started gaggling and talking in weird languages producing a cacophony of strange sounds.
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