Gain in spanish


pronunciation: gɑnɑnθiɑ part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

gain1 = beneficio, ganancia, lucro. 

Example: This is likely to lead to shorter and less complex profiles for searches, and the gains will be most obvious in a natural language system.


» capital gain = plusvalía, ganancia de capital, beneficio de capital.

Example: Capital gains are a part of being very rich, but so is dividend income tax.

» economic gain = beneficio económico.

Example: It is time we gave up 'ideology' in favour of pure economic gains.

» financial gain = fines lucrativos, ganancia.

Example: Books are stolen for financial gain or out of an excessive passion for the volumes themselves.

» heat gain = subida de temperatura. [Referido a un objeto]

Example: The building envelope, if carefully designed, may be highly energy efficient, to the extent that it helps to control seasonal heat gains and losses.

» ill-gotten gains = dinero mal habido. 

Example: A related myth is that such profits are synonymous with ill-gotten gains.

» make + gains = avanzar, progresar.

Example: Expenditures in public libraries in the USA rose sharply in 1988 while use continued to make modest gains, with the greatest increase in juvenile loans.

» net gain = beneficio neto.

Example: The region showed a net gain of bookstores this year, with more opening than closing.

» no pain, no gain = no miel sin hiel, quien algo quiere algo le cuesta.

Example: 'The old adage 'no pain, no gain' should be less relevant as we age than when we're younger,' Lonner said = "El viejo dicho popular "quien algo quiere algo le cuesta" debería ser menos importante a medida que envejecemos que cuando somos más jóvenes", dijo Lonner .

» no pain without gain = no miel sin hiel, quien algo quiere algo le cuesta.

Example: Some people would call this madness, but David believes there is no gain without pain.

» personal gain = beneficio personal, aprovechamiento personal.

Example: This covert resistance to the information technology implementation process is motivated by personal gain.

» solar gain = radiación solar.

Example: Large glazed areas mean that users can enjoy natural daylight, but double glazing, tinting, or architectural shading are necessary to alleviate the worst effects of noise, solar gain and solar glare = Las áreas acristaladas permiten que los usuarios puedan disfrutar de la luz natural, aunque el doble acristalamiento, los cristales ahumados, o las sombras arquitectónicas son necesarios para reducir los efectos negativos del ruido, la radiación solar y el resplandor del sol.

» stand to + gain from = poder beneficiarse de, poder conseguir, poder lograr.

Example: We now go on to discuss what women librarians stand to gain from pursuing the main strategies feminists have developed to promote women's interests in working relations.

» weight gain = aumento de peso.

Example: They resorted to exercising to stave off unwanted weight gain believed to be caused by alcohol use.

gain2 = conseguir, obtener, alcanzar, lograr. 

Example: To many, therefore, this emphasis on information can provide a much-needed opportunity to gain the public library new influence and respect.


» gain + a perspective on = obtener una perspectiva de.

Example: All of the Fellows gained a new perspective on themselves and others through this experience.

» a penny saved is a penny earned/gained = dinero ahorrado, dos veces ganado.

Example: The saying 'A penny saved is a penny earned' has often been misattributed to Benjamin Franklin.

» gain + a better sense of = comprender mejor, entender mejor.

Example: To gain a better sense of the metaphorical nature of the scientific research paper, 89 journal articles were reviewed.

» gain + a better understanding = conocer mejor, comprender mejor.

Example: The aim of the project was to gain a better understanding of the nature of collaboration in the information searching process.

» gain + acceptance = ser aceptado.

Example: The standard of LC cataloging has been generally recognized to be of a high order and so its records have gained wide acceptance.

» gain + access = conseguir acceso, obtener acceso, acceder.

Example: Libraries gain access to their own files by means of terminals connected to the central computer.

» gain + a competitive edge = sobresalir comercialmente.

Example: Additionally, this article discusses specific marketing executives' use of competitive intelligence data bases to gain a competitive edge within their marketplace.

» gain + a degree in = obtener un título, titularse en.

Example: There is no opportunity to gain a degree in library science, and no coordination of courses.

» gain + admittance = conseguir acceso, obtener acceso, acceder.

Example: In the early 1800s libraries were used by only the small portion of the population that could gain admittance.

» gain + advantage = obtener ventaja.

Example: In strong contrast to, say, television sets and instant coffee, where the consumer may save by shopping around, there is no advantage to be gained by going to one shop rather than another for a book so far as price is concerned.

» gain + a following = ganarse seguidores, ganarse partidarios.

Example: While the DVD format is gaining a following among video developers, its application in the education market has advanced only very slowly.

» gain + a foothold = afianzarse.

Example: Desktop publishing technology is now a serious trend which has gained a firm foothold in the USA.

» gain + a greater understanding = comprender mejor, conocer mejor.

Example: The aim of the interviews was to gain greater understanding of what these children are looking for in a story book.

» gain + an acquaintance with = familiarizarse con.

Example: Martin Bircher, a visiting professor in the German Department of the University of California at Berkeley, gained an intimate acquaintance with the rare books in several collections of the University Library.

» gain + an appreciation = apreciar, apreciar mejor.

Example: The students have gained an appreciation of how their library skills can contribute to furthering knowledge about the culture of their country.

» gain + an insight into = comprender mejor, entender mejor, hacerse una idea de.

Example: Hypermedia offers unheard of opportunities to gain insight into the way young people perceive, process and use information.

» gain + an understanding = comprender, obtener conocimiento.

Example: Read the document with a view to gaining an understanding of its content and an appreciation of its scope.

» gain + a picture = sacar una impresión, obtener una impresión.

Example: The overall picture gained from this area analysis was that the hinterlands of the industrial towns were not areas where one could hope to find much in the way of bookshops.

» gain + a sense of = obtener una idea, tener una idea, averiguar, conocer.

Example: The best way of gaining some sense of what life used to be like is through the literature of the time.

» gain + benefit = obtener beneficios, obtener ganancia.

Example: It examines the role that small university libraries can play in their surrounding communities and the benefits to be gained by both parties.

» gain + confidence (with/in) = cobrar confianza, adquirir confianza, ganar confianza en Uno mismo, sentirse más seguro de, mejorar.

Example: This assignment was designed to help students gain confidence in using print and computerized sources.

» gain + control (over/of) = controlar, dominar, conseguir el control, lograr el control.

Example: Gradually many of these conquerors came to realize that, although military might was necessary to gain control over an area, sheer force of arms was not sufficient to govern effectively.

» gain + credit = ganar credibilidad, ganar reconocimiento, ganar enteros.

Example: The work is very much akin to journalism in the way that time presses, the content must be dealt with in a craftsmanlike way but the author will gain credit more for 'reporting' skills than for philosophical analyses.

» gain + currency = ganar vigencia, extenderse, ganar adeptos.

Example: It seems that around this late period of the seventeenth century this usage was beginning to gain currency.

» gain + early warning = percatarse con antelación.

Example: These officers, by being on the spot, are able to gain early warning of impending developments and smooth the path of grant and loan applications.

» gain + entry = acceder, entrar, introducirse, obtener acceso, conseguir entrar.

Example: The Israeli secret police, Mossad, used forged passports to gain entry into Dubai which were traced back to Israel.

» gain + experience = adquirir experiencia, foguearse.

Example: As the library gains experience with its vendors, these claim categories should be updated and the vendor records changed to reflect the delivery lags.

» gain + exposure = hacerse ver, hacerse visible.

Example: Authors gain exposure in their domain -- isn't it why one publishes? -- all the more so if it is through peer reviewing and what we hope will be a high quality conference.

» gain + facility = adquirir fluidez, ganar fluidez.

Example: This approach to teaching ensures that you will receive individual attention and gain facility in the use of the state-of-the-art equipment.

» gain + familiarity = familiarizarse con.

Example: Finally, no reference librarian can afford to ignore any opportunity of gaining familiarity with computers.

» gain + favour = ganar aceptación.

Example: One commercial application that is gaining favour in pig farming is the electronic sow feeder.

» gain + favour with/among + Nombre = ganarse la aceptación de Alguien.

Example: Industry analysts forecast that South Africa will gain favour with international travellers who perceive it to be a 'safe' destination.

» gain + followers = ganar adeptos.

Example: To gain followers you have to communicate a vision, a mission, a shared purpose, a dream, a goal.

» gain + ground = ganar terreno, avanzar, progresar.

Example: Standardisation of formats is less developed; however UNIMARC is gaining ground as a national exchange format, whilst USMARC is also used by university and public libraries.

» gain + idea of = tener una idea de.

Example: To gain an idea of the fineness of detail necessary to produce the circuit elements on the chip, imagine a map of the British Isles showing sufficient detail to identify even the narrowest side-street in London.

» gain + impetus = cobrar ímpetu, ganar ímpetu.

Example: The trend towards globalisation in publishing has gained impetus from the European Community's plans to create a single market by the end of 1992.

» gain + importance = ganar importancia, adquirir importancia, cobrar importancia, ganar enteros.

Example: The effective use of library resources is critical to the success of international students, a group which is gaining importance in US higher education.

» gain + impression = adquirir una idea, tener una idea.

Example: From this book one gains an impression of the way the policies of the European Communities are developing which is not so readily apparent from other official publications.

» gain in + ascendancy = ganar prestigio.

Example: As the awareness of information gains in ascendancy, the mechanisms of information access change with the development of new technologies.

» gain in + complexity = hacerse más complejo.

Example: It is a study which is still withing its first century of life and has gained in complexity throughout each decade.

» gain (in) + credibility = ganar credibilidad, ganar reconocimiento, ganar enteros.

Example: As an entrepreneur, manager, or businessperson who is hoping to gain credibility, the worst thing you can do is to think you know everything.

» gain + independence = obtener la independencia, independizarse.

Example: This is because names of women authors frequently undergo transformations as a result of marriage and divorce; political jurisdictions also are annexed or gain independence and sometimes a new name; etc.

» gain + information = obtener información.

Example: Based on the information gained, it will then be necessary to determine what mix of solutions is most likely to improve the situation at affordable cost.

» gain in + importance = adquirir importancia, ganar protagonismo, ganar importancia, cobrar importancia, ganar enteros.

Example: Since most of these Muslims are here to stay, the question of their integration is gaining in importance.

» gain in + popularity = ganar popularidad.

Example: More than 1,500 years after the game was invented, chess is still growing in popularity.

» gain (in) + popularity = ganar popularidad.

Example: This technique is sure to gain popularity as more libraries become involved in the long-range planning process.

» gain in + strength = hacerse más fuerte.

Example: Syndicates tended to become smaller as their members gained in financial strength and in the ability to bear greater proportions of the risk.

» gain in + the ability to = desarrollar la capacidad de.

Example: Syndicates tended to become smaller as their members gained in financial strength and in the ability to bear greater proportions of the risk.

» gain + knowledge = adquirir conocimiento.

Example: Search strategies may be amended to take account of knowledge gained about a subject and its literature as the search progresses.

» gain + momentum = cobrar intensidad, cobrar ímpetu.

Example: Research into information retrieval has been gaining momentum, but not enough attention is given to its basis.

» gain + (much) attention = recibir (mucha) atención.

Example: In the 1930s a nurse, Rene Caisse, gained much attention through the use of a herbal treatment for cancer which she called Essiac.

» gain on = ganarle terreno a, dar alcance a, reducir distancias.

Example: In 2013, white wine production in Italy continued to gain on red wine, 53 percent for white to only 47 percent for red and rosé.

» gain + one-upmanship = sacar ventaja.

Example: It is still a way to rebel against the school establishment, parents and a way for non-smoking teenagers to gain one-upmanship over those who smoke.

» gain + pace = ganar ímpetu, cobrar intensidad, cobrar velocidad.

Example: As you are aware, the need for more responsible business practice in the fashion industry has gained pace in recent years.

» gain + Posesivo + confidence = ganarse la confianza de Alguien.

Example: By freeing the uncle you gain her confidence, and by gaining her confidence you gain her person.

» gain + Posesivo + favour = ganarse la aceptación de Alguien, congraciarse con.

Example: For the rich and powerful it was important to give an expensive gift to the king or queen to gain their favour.

» gain + Posesivo + person = ganarse + Posesivo + persona.

Example: By freeing the uncle you gain her confidence, and by gaining her confidence you gain her person.

» gain + power = conseguir poder.

Example: He was called a turncoat and a traitor from that plangent minority which never learns that to gain power is what political parties first of all exist for.

» gain + prominence = ganar importancia.

Example: Issues such as the electronic library or the virtual library, and document delivery services are likely to gain prominence.

» gain + recognition = obtener reconocimiento, ser reconocido, ser famoso.

Example: At the time, it was a startling accomplishment and gained wide recognition.

» gain + respect = conseguir admiración, conseguir respeto.

Example: Hernandez decided that if he wished to survive in this restrictive atmosphere his options were clearly the following: don't make waves, do a good job with no fuss of which he could be proud, and try to gain Balzac's respect.

» gain + satisfaction = obtener satisfacción.

Example: The average person does not basically dislike work, but may gain satisfaction from it or attempt to avoid it depending on past experiences.

» gain + significance = ganar importancia, adquirir importancia.

Example: It was not until the 16th century that falconry and stag hunting gained the significance that it retained until 1789.

» gain + status = obtener un estatus, obtener una categoría.

Example: The subsequent expansion upon gaining University status in 1966 placed ever increasing and severe restraints upon the full development of the library service.

» gain + steam = cobrar fuerza, cobrar ímpetu, ganar ímpetu, ganar fuerza.

Example: The team took a while to get into the flow of things but have been gaining steam and are now flying high, after winning six of their last seven outings.

» gain + strength = cobrar fuerza, fortalecerse, recuperar las fuerzas, recuperar la fuerza, cobrar impulso.

Example: In order to gain strength fast, you need to immediately begin amping up your strength thermostat in your mind.

» gain + support = conseguir apoyo.

Example: In 1849, Nicolas Marie Alexandre Vattemare, a French ventriloquist, impersonator and philanthropist came to North Carolina to gain support for his system of literary and scientific exchanges.

» gain + the upper hand = ganar la partida, hacerse con el control, ganar la delantera, conseguir la supremacía, ganar la supremacia, llevar las de ganar, tener la sartén por el mango, llevar la ventaja, tener la ventaja.

Example: And at the moment, many experts believe China may have gained the upper hand.

» gain + traction = ganar terreno, hacer avances, hacer progresos, avanzar, progresar.

Example: Windows haters may snide at Windows 8, but the platform is gaining traction whether they like it or not.

» gain + weight = engordar, coger peso, ganar peso, echar carnes.

Example: Obesity is a well known problem, however some people really want and need to gain weight.

» gain + weight = ganar importancia, adquirir importancia, cobrar importancia.

Example: Though it is too early to confirm, they say their theory is gaining weight.

» nothing ventured, nothing gained = quien nada arriesga nada gana, por probar nada se pierde, el que no se aventura no cruza el mar.

Example: In today's recession it seems that the saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' could be re-written as 'nothing ventured, nothing lost'.

» regain = recuperar, recobrar, retomar, volver a tomar.

Example: Once he regained his weight, he began to play like he did in 2006, when he won the tournament.

» what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts = todo tiene sus ventajas y sus inconvenientes, lo que se pierda en una cosa se gana en la otra.

Example: The expression expression 'What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts' is an apt summary of the tradeoffs between paper and online publication.

Gain synonyms

clear in spanish: claro, pronunciation: klɪr part of speech: adjective benefit in spanish: beneficio, pronunciation: benəfɪt part of speech: noun, verb make in spanish: hacer, pronunciation: meɪk part of speech: verb hit in spanish: golpear, pronunciation: hɪt part of speech: verb, noun advance in spanish: avanzar, pronunciation: ədvæns part of speech: noun, verb increase in spanish: incrementar, pronunciation: ɪnkris part of speech: noun, verb reach in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: ritʃ part of speech: verb, noun win in spanish: ganar, pronunciation: wɪn part of speech: verb realize in spanish: darse cuenta de, pronunciation: riəlaɪz part of speech: verb derive in spanish: derivar, pronunciation: dɜraɪv part of speech: verb attain in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: əteɪn part of speech: verb profit in spanish: lucro, pronunciation: prɑfət part of speech: noun addition in spanish: adición, pronunciation: ədɪʃən part of speech: noun earn in spanish: ganar, pronunciation: ɜrn part of speech: verb take in in spanish: tomar, pronunciation: teɪkɪn part of speech: verb put on in spanish: ponerse, pronunciation: pʊtɑn part of speech: verb, adjective amplification in spanish: amplificación, pronunciation: æmpləfəkeɪʃən part of speech: noun bring in in spanish: traer, pronunciation: brɪŋɪn part of speech: verb pull in in spanish: tirar de, pronunciation: pʊlɪn part of speech: verb get ahead in spanish: salir adelante, pronunciation: getəhed part of speech: verb arrive at in spanish: llegar a, pronunciation: ɜraɪvæt part of speech: verb gain ground in spanish: gana terreno, pronunciation: geɪngraʊnd part of speech: verb make headway in spanish: avanzar, pronunciation: meɪkhedweɪ part of speech: verb

Gain antonyms

lose pronunciation: luz part of speech: verb loss pronunciation: lɔs part of speech: noun reduce pronunciation: rədus part of speech: verb thin pronunciation: θɪn part of speech: adjective recede pronunciation: rɪsid part of speech: verb slim pronunciation: slɪm part of speech: adjective drop off pronunciation: drɑpɔf part of speech: verb fall back pronunciation: fɔlbæk part of speech: verb fall behind pronunciation: fɔlbɪhaɪnd part of speech: verb lose weight pronunciation: luzweɪt part of speech: verb slenderize pronunciation: slendɜraɪz part of speech: verb slim down pronunciation: slɪmdaʊn part of speech: verb melt off pronunciation: meltɔf part of speech: verb
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