Gala in spanish


pronunciation: gɑlɑ part of speech: noun
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gala = de gala, especial. 

Example: The 3 elements of the event are: weekday visits; evening sessions; and 'Super Saturday' gala days.


» gala banquet = banquete de gala.

Example: Nights were filled with the theater and the opera, gala banquets, parties, and receptions.

» gala dinner = cena de gala.

Example: Kate Middleton will show off her baby bump at a glamourous gala dinner after her final official engagement next week.

» gala reception = gala de recepción, recepción de gala.

Example: Leading members of the Royal family actively encourage the growth of tourism through their attendance at gala receptions and ceremonial openings.

» royal gala dinner = cena de gala real.

Example: Four Greenpeace activists who were jailed in Copenhagen last month for gatecrashing a royal gala dinner for heads of state have been released.

Gala synonyms

gay in spanish: gay, pronunciation: geɪ part of speech: adjective, noun merry in spanish: alegre, pronunciation: meri part of speech: adjective festive in spanish: festivo, pronunciation: festɪv part of speech: adjective blowout in spanish: Reventar, pronunciation: bloʊaʊt part of speech: noun jamboree in spanish: francachela, pronunciation: dʒæmbɜri part of speech: noun festal in spanish: festivo, pronunciation: festəl part of speech: adjective gala affair in spanish: asunto de gala, pronunciation: gæləəfer part of speech: noun
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