Gallery in spanish


pronunciation: gɑleɹ̩iɑ part of speech: noun
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gallery1 = galería, museo. 

Example: A gallery is a room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art.


» art gallery = galería de arte.

Example: The 1st phase of a cultural centre, with library, art gallery, swimming pool, cafe and day centre for the elderly, was opened in Sept 87.

» photo gallery = galería de fotos, exposición fotográfica.

Example: A photo gallery of over 1200 images is included.

gallery2 = galería. 

Example: Theirs is a large establishment with nearly three hectares of galleries.


» children's gallery = salón de juegos. [Local con máquinas de juegos electrónicos de todo tipo, billar, futbolín, etc. frecuentemente visitado por los jóvenes]

Example: Its planetarium offers stimulating and brilliantly presented programmes, and its children's galleries have a range of imaginatively designed and robust interactive displays.

» play to + the gallery = hacer Algo de cara a la galería, hacer Algo para la galería, actuar de cara a la galería.

Example: A crowd-pleaser at any tournament, Didrikson played to the gallery with wisecracks and displays of athleticism.

» shooting gallery = picadero. [Lugar que los drogadictos frecuentan para inyectarse]

Example: Shooting galleries may not be the answer, but prohibition is definitely no way to deal with the problem.

» shooting gallery = galería de tiro, puesto de tiro al blanco.

Example: Indeed, the steps leading down to the shooting gallery, seen on the right of the picture no longer exist.

Gallery synonyms

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