Galley in spanish


pronunciation: gɑleɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
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galley1 = galera. [Barco]

Example: If anyone had mentioned galleys to me a year ago, I would have thought of ancient ships powered by oarsmen, Ben-Hur style.

galley2 = cocina. [De barco]

Example: 'Aye, aye, sir,' answered the cook, and touching his forelock, he disappeared at once in the direction of his galley = "Sí, sí, señor," respondió el cocinero, y agachando la cabeza, desapareció al instante en dirección a la cocina.

galley3 = galera. [En la composición manual, utensilio empleado para colocar los tipos una vez que el componedor estaba lleno]

Example: The compositor's apparatus was in three main parts: the type cases already described; a composing stick, which was a hand-held tray in which pieces of type from the case were assembled; and galleys, larger trays on which pieces of type from the case were transferred when the composing stick was full.

galley4 = galerada, prueba. 

Example: Final editing and corrections are done on this terminal, and galleys are sent to the customer.


» galley press = imprenta de galeradas.

Example: Although most London book houses owned galley presses for making slip proofs by the 1870, it appears that companionship bookwork was generally made up into pages and imposed before proofing until the mid 1880s.

» galley proof = galerada, prueba.

Example: Checking is carried out by comparison of the galley proof against the manuscript.

Galley synonyms

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