Hackneyed in spanish


pronunciation: tɹ̩ijɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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hackneyed = trillado, manido, gastado. 

Example: It is the order of words that helps us to distinguish between 'office post' and 'post office' or, to quote the hackneyed example, 'blind Venetian' and 'Venetian blind'.


» hackneyed expression = tópico, cliché.

Example: By stereotypes I mean the hackneyed expressions people use in a more or less automatic fashion without stopping to think what they really mean.

» hackneyed idea = idea muy trillada, idea muy manida.

Example: Instead of challenging gender stereotypes, the book's maligners say it digs deeper into the hackneyed idea that women are subservient to men.

» hackneyed phrase = cliché, frase muy manida, frase muy trillada.

Example: Use of hackneyed phrases shows a certain amount of laziness, an absence of creativity, and a general lack of awareness of how to communicate clearly.

» hackneyed word = palabra muy manida, palabra muy trillada.

Example: I know those are hackneyed words, especially when used to describe yet another brilliant singer.

Hackneyed synonyms

stock in spanish: valores, pronunciation: stɑk part of speech: noun banal in spanish: banal, pronunciation: bənɑl part of speech: adjective trite in spanish: trillado, pronunciation: traɪt part of speech: adjective tired in spanish: cansado, pronunciation: taɪɜrd part of speech: adjective commonplace in spanish: vulgar, pronunciation: kɑmənpleɪs part of speech: adjective, noun threadbare in spanish: raído, pronunciation: θredber part of speech: adjective timeworn in spanish: deteriorado por el tiempo, pronunciation: taɪmwɜrn part of speech: adjective shopworn in spanish: trasnochado, pronunciation: ʃɑpwɔrn part of speech: adjective well-worn in spanish: bien gastado, pronunciation: welwɜrn part of speech: adjective unoriginal in spanish: poco original, pronunciation: ənɜrɪdʒənəl part of speech: adjective
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