Hag in spanish


pronunciation: bɹ̩uxɑ part of speech: noun
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hag = arpía, harpía, bruja, vieja bruja. 

Example: Many stories about hags seem to have been used to frighten children into being good.


» old hag = bruja, vieja bruja, vieja fea, carcamal.

Example: On the streets of London we meet some of the denizens of the city -- there is the sandwich-board man, a blind old hag, and a lamplighter among them.

Hag synonyms

witch in spanish: bruja, pronunciation: wɪtʃ part of speech: noun crone in spanish: bruja, pronunciation: kroʊn part of speech: noun beldam in spanish: bruja, pronunciation: beldəm part of speech: noun beldame in spanish: beldame, pronunciation: beldeɪm part of speech: noun hagfish in spanish: el hagfish, pronunciation: hægfɪʃ part of speech: noun slime eels in spanish: anguilas de limo, pronunciation: slaɪmilz part of speech: noun
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