Hail in spanish


pronunciation: gɹ̩ɑniθoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
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hail1 = granizo, granizada. 

Example: The wind was now blowing great guns, with frequent storms of hail, but on they went to Ballycastle.


» hail of bullets = ráfaga, lluvia de balas.

Example: A bridegroom was killed yesterday by undercover police officers in a hail of 50 bullets as he left his stag party = Un novio a punto de casarse fue acribillado ayer por policías encubiertos con una ráfaga de 50 balas cuando salía de su fiesta de despedida de soltero.

» hailstone = granizo, granizada.

Example: Don't bank on it, there can be bright sunshine, hailstones, drizzle, pouring rain and snowflurries in any given hour of the day.

» hailstorm = granizada, tormenta de granizo, pedrisco.

Example: The best way to keep safe in hailstorms is to immediately seek shelter.

hail2 = aclamar, elogiar. 

Example: Originally the advent of on-line interactive searches was hailed by some as a boon to users who could henceforward conduct their own searches.


» hail + a taxi/cab/taxi cab = parar a un taxi. [Las tres posibilidades on hail a taxi o hail a cab o hail a taxi cab]

Example: For your night out on the town get picked up and dropped off at your home or hotel and enjoy an evening worry free of driving, parking or hailing a cab.

» hail from = proceder de, originarse.

Example: Museum publication design hails from a classical tradition that favours conservatism, perhaps more than is desirable.

» Hail Mary = avemaría.

Example: Since the Hail Mary is a prayer to Mary, most Protestants assume that it is not biblical.

» internationally-hailed = aclamado internacionalmente, reconocido internacionalmente, elogiado internacionalmente.

Example: This is an internationally-hailed premier magazine of the computing field covering both established and emerging areas of computer technology = Ésta es una revista de primera calidad aclamada internacionalmente del campo de la computación que trata tanto de áreas tradicionales como de áreas emergentes de la tecnología informática.

hail3 = granizar. 

Example: It was hailing cats and dogs the other day, and I was still tailgated by a moron in a large SUV (sport utilitarian vehicle).

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