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pronunciation: peloʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

hair = pelo, cabello. 

Example: They are followed in turn by the see and see also references to the heading: HEAD see also BRAIN; EAR; EYE; FACE; hair; NOSE.


» a bad hair day = un día de perros, un día terrible, un día atroz, un mal día.

Example: Wee all experience days when everything seems to go wrong and when I do I try not to think about work or everything else that's happening, and I try not to think about that I'm actually having a bad hair day.

» adjust + Posesivo + hair = ajustarse el pelo, arreglarse el pelo.

Example: Standing nervously before the full-length mirror, she adjusted her hair for the umpteenth time and smoothed the rumples out of her dress.

» a hair of the dog that bit you = con otra copa de lo mismo se te cura la resaca; la mancha de mora con otra verde se quita.

Example: In its current usage, the phrase hair of the dog that bit you (or its shortened form, hair of the dog) is an allusion to the practice of drinking some of whatever it was that put you in that state in the first place, as an antidote to its ill effects.

» axillary hair = vello axilar.

Example: Adrenarche is the onset of androgen-dependent body changes such as growth of axillary and pubic hair, body odor, and acne.

» bad hair day = mal día, día de perros, día funesto, día malo.

Example: The article 'Bad hair days in the Palaeolithic' argues that the familiar depiction of cavemen with longish, unkempt hair is not congruent with available archaeological data.

» blond(e) hair = pelo rubio.

Example: Be sure not to overdo it when putting colour accents into your blonde hair.

» blow + Posesivo + hair with a hairdryer = secarse el pelo con el secador.

Example: Then he combed her hair back with his fingers while blowing her hair with a hairdryer.

» body hair = vello.

Example: Some cultures view body hair as beautiful and natural.

» brush + Posesivo + hair = peinarse el pelo.

Example: I was brushing her hair in the living room when she flopped over and her lips turned blue.

» camel hair = pelo de camello.

Example: Whereas the traditional dressing gown was made of silk, they're now made of cotton, wool, cashmere, and camel hair.

» clump of hair = manojo de pelos.

Example: To help you visualize this, imagine a pipe coated with all sorts of gunk on the inside, like moldy clumps of hair and goops of shower gel.

» comb + Posesivo + hair back = peinarse hacia atrás.

Example: Then he combed her hair back with his fingers while blowing her hair with a hairdryer.

» curly hair = pelo rizado.

Example: Curly and wavy hair tends to behave-or misbehave-in a similar way, depending on its texture.

» do + Posesivo + hair = arreglar el pelo, arreglar el cabello, peinar.

Example: Cecily had a number of servants to do her hair and put on her shoes after she dressed.

» elastic hair band = felpa.

Example: Elastic hair bands are the best way to secure ponytails and braids.

» facial hair = vello facial.

Example: In many of these texts facial hair not only defines gender, but provides the distinction between men and boys.

» fair hair = pelo rubio, cabello rubio.

Example: I have very fair hair on my upper lip and it has never bothered me much, but the other day i decided to pluck it.

» flick + Posesivo + hair out of + Posesivo + eyes = apartarse el pelo de los ojos.

Example: She smiled at him flicking a bit of her mousy brown hair out of her eyes.

» flip + Posesivo + hair = sacudirse el pelo.

Example: When he sat next to her she went on flirt mode, which is basically blinking her eyelashes a lot and flipping her hair every two seconds.

» floppy hair = pelo respingón, flequillo respingón.

Example: He sent fans into meltdown when he revealed he had chopped off his trademark floppy hair.

» get + grey hair = salir canas, ponerse cano, encanecer.

Example: All animals can get grey hair, it is just part of the aging process.

» get + Posesivo + hair cut = cortarse el pelo.

Example: It never worried her at all and she just sat in the hairdressers and was good as gold getting her hair cut.

» golden hair = cabello(s) dorado(s), cabellos de oro, pelo dorado.

Example: 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' is a fairytale about a curious girl with golden hair.

» grey hair [gray hair] = pelo cano, pelo gris, cana.

Example: The typical librarian was described as a female with grey hair in a bun constantly silence with a grim and unhappy face.

» grow + hair on an egg = resucitar a un muerto.

Example: Why the world doesn't have more bald men walking smelling of bacon grease because I swear that stuff could grow hair on an egg!.

» hairball = bola de pelo.

Example: Hairballs pose a potential danger for cats by blocking the passage of digested food through the intestines, causing an impaction.

» hairband = felpa.

Example: Many women use hairbands or hair clasps as decorative fashion.

» hair bobble = goma del pelo.

Example: She went to the dollar store and bought a whole bunch of stickers and junk (hair bobbles etc) to send to her grandkids.

» hairbrained = atolondrado, disparatado, descabellado, desatinado. [También escrito hare-brained]

Example: It must be another hairbrained idea made by lab rats with no real world experience.

» hairbrush = cepillo para el pelo, cepillo del pelo.

Example: This is a revolutionary new hairbrush designed specifically to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair.

» hair clasp = pasador.

Example: Many women use hairbands or hair clasps as decorative fashion.

» hair claw = pinza del pelo, pasador, pillacoletas.

Example: These unique hair claws covered with rhinestone are a stepped-up version of today's most popular accessories.

» hair clip = pinza del pelo, pasador, pillacoletas.

Example: These hair clips and barrettes are a great way to help keep the hair out of your dogs eyes.

» hair clippers = maquinilla de cortar el pelo.

Example: The suspects stole a laptop and electronic hair clippers and then fled the scene undetected.

» hair coat = manta de pelo, abundancia de pelo.

Example: West African indigenous pigs are black, white, black and white or pied in colour with well developed hair coat and erect ears.

» hair conditioner = suavizante del pelo.

Example: The domains covered in the performance tests for the area of cosmetology were: haircut, permanent wave, shampooing, wigs and hairpieces, skin care, hair conditioners (scalp and treatment), and manicuring.

» haircut = corte de pelo.

Example: The domains covered in the performance tests for the area of cosmetology were: haircut, permanent wave, shampooing, wigs and hairpieces, skin care, hair conditioners (scalp and treatment), and manicuring.

» hair cuticle = cutícula del cabello, cutícula del pelo.

Example: Damaged hair cuticles can cause split ends and give your hair a rough look.

» hairdo = peinado.

Example: After jazzing up her appearance with a new blonde hairdo, she turns up in his office and talks him into taking her out for a meal.

» hairdressing = peluquería.

Example: Hairdressing and cosmetology have become some of the most reliable, enjoyable and advantageous careers over the past decades.

» hairdryer = secador, secador de pelo. [También escrito hairdrier]

Example: Since then hairdryer design has transformed over time, largely influenced by changing fashions and society.

» hair extension = extensión de cabello, extensión de pelo.

Example: She lived beyond her means, routinely spending thousands of bucks on hair extensions and beauty treatments and throwing lavish parties for him.

» hair follicle = folículo piloso.

Example: The depressions of the surface that give the appearance of orange skin are the exaggerated pits of the hair follicles.

» hair follicle infection = foliculitis, infección de los folículos pilosos.

Example: Rubbing caused by repetitive movements and perspiration can cause hair follicle infection.

» hair gel = gomina, fijador del cabello, fijador del pelo.

Example: In some cases fat was used as a fixative to style the hair, much like modern hair gel.

» hair grip = horquilla, horquilla del pelo.

Example: Children insert toys, sweets, hairpins, hair grips, safety pins, etc. into the vagina mainly out of curiosity.

» hair implant = implante de pelo.

Example: The cost of hair implants is determined by the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted.

» hairless = sin pelo, pelado, pelón, calvo. 

Example: Jonah was thrown clothed into the mouth of the sea monster and emerged nude and hairless.

» hair-like = con forma de pelo, parecido a los pelos.

Example: Basically, snot is a mixture of mucous and the particles that the cilia (hair-like projections in the nose) filter out.

» hairline = del grosor de un pelo, finísimo.

Example: Didot's first neo-classic type did not show marked contrast, but later developments of the form, by Didot himself and by Bodoni in Italy, resulted by 1800 in faces of great contrast combined with vertical stress and unbracketed, hairline serifs.

» hairline = nacimiento del pelo.

Example: And it's getting worse by the month as his hairline recedes further and further back across his cranium.

» hair loss = caída de pelo, pérdida de pelo, alopecia.

Example: Behind the scenes of romantic poetry, there are real-life tales of false teeth, hair loss, headaches, opium addiction, tuberculosis, and dementia that have so little glamor or poetic resonance.

» hairnet = redecilla, redecilla para el pelo, redecilla del pelo.

Example: Pubescent lads don't normally go round in shower caps and hairnets!.

» hair oil = brillantina.

Example: Hair oils have made a massive comeback this summer.

» hair parting = raya del pelo.

Example: However, hairstylists often recommend changing your hair parting every 3 to 6 months.

» hairpiece = tupé, postizo.

Example: The domains covered in the performance tests for the area of cosmetology were: haircut, permanent wave, shampooing, wigs and hairpieces, skin care, hair conditioners (scalp and treatment), and manicuring.

» hairpin = horquilla, horquilla del pelo, horquilla para el pelo, horquilla de moño.

Example: Children insert toys, sweets, hairpins, hair grips, safety pins, etc. into the vagina mainly out of curiosity.

» hair pomade = brillantina, fijador del cabello, fijador del pelo.

Example: Avocado oil continues to be used as a hair pomade to induce hair growth.

» hair-raising = horripilante, sobrecogedor, espeluznante, aterrador.

Example: This 'hair-raising' experience will allow students to have a better understanding of what energy is and why it's so important.

» hair removal = depilación.

Example: Hair removal has an important religious-cultural meaning in eastern India.

» hair salon = salón de peluquería, peluquería.

Example: No matter what kind of hair salon you end up going to, make sure the people that work there are certified to cut hair.

» hair shampoo = champú para el pelo, champú para el cabello.

Example: If you've spilled a lot of hair shampoo on the carpet, you will find it easier to remove it with a dustpan (but not the brush) rather than trying to wipe it.

» hairslide = pasador, pillacoletas.

Example: Their hairslides are very unique and beautifully handcrafted.

» hair-splitting [hairsplitting] = demasiado sutil, demasiado puntilloso, discusión sobre nimiedades.

Example: Amazingly, this has done little to temper their penchant for legalese and hair-splitting on international law.

» hair straightener = alisador del pelo, alisador del cabello.

Example: The heat from a hair straightener can kill the head lice eggs and adult lice.

» hairstyle = peinado, estilo de pelo, corte de pelo.

Example: Good looking goatees are no longer just the signature facial hairstyle for beatniks.

» hair stylist = estilista, peluquero.

Example: Find out the tips that hair stylists use to get great results from blow-drying.

» hair transplant = transplante de pelo.

Example: In most cases, immediately after the hair transplant the hairs fall out of the grafts, and do not regrow for 1-3 months.

» hair-trigger = altamente sensible, que se monta en cólera fácilmente.

Example: He has an incredibly limited vocabulary and a hair-trigger temper that betrays his bestial nature.

» hair trigger = gatillo altamente sensible, gatillo muy sensible.

Example: You don't want a hair trigger for hunting, because with gloves on you may accidentally trigger the shot before you even get settled and start the squeeze.

» hair + turn grey = pelo + ponerse cano, pelo + encanecer.

Example: This method of preventing your hair from turning grey will work for just about anyone.

» hair unevenly cut = pelo cortado a trasquilones, con trasquilones en el pelo.

Example: He, on the other hand, has long hair, unevenly cut, and not a penny to his name and hardly any prospects for the future.

» have + a bad hair day = levantarse con los pelos de punta, levantarse con los pelos revueltos.

Example: Sure, there are worse things in life, but let's face it, having a bad hair day can make you downright cranky.

» have + Posesivo + hair cut = cortarse el pelo.

Example: I'd been toying with the idea of having my hair cut at a hairdressing academy for a while and took the plunge when my hair got out of control with split ends and whatnot.

» horsehair = crin, pelo de caballo.

Example: Ink balls consisted of leather pads 15 cm. in diameter, mounted in wooden cups and handles and stuffed with wool or horsehair = Los tampones constaban de almohadillas de cuero de 15 cm de diámetro, montados en cuencos de madera y mangos y rellenas de lana o pelo de caballo.

» laser hair removal = depilación láser.

Example: Laser hair removal was performed experimentally for about 20 years before it became commercially available in the mid 1990s.

» laser hair removal clinic = clínica de depilación láser.

Example: Before deciding to walk into a laser hair removal clinic, there are several facts which you need to familiarise with.

» let + Posesivo + hair down = soltarse la melena, desinhibirse, despendolarse, romper las ataduras, echar una cana al aire.

Example: If he had let his hair down a bit more at his age and sowed his wild oats he might have been a better husband to Diana.

» lighten + Posesivo + hair = aclarar el pelo.

Example: I've heard that using lemon juice in your hair and sitting in the sun lightens your hair.

» limp hair = pelo liso, pelo lacio, cabello liso, cabello lacio.

Example: It's so cool to find that there are other girls out there who have fine limp hair and a cowlick.

» loss of hair = pérdida del cabello, alopecia.

Example: In all dogs, intense itching, loss of hair, anorexia, scurfs and cachexia were observed.

» make + Posesivo + hair stand on end = poner los pelos de punta.

Example: He was most definitely not their kind of Republican - a moderate, a maverick; outspokenly full of opinions that made their hair stand on end.

» mop of hair = mata de pelo, pelambrera, pelambre, melena, greñas.

Example: With her curly mop of hair and big expressive eyes, she was a beauty even as a baby.

» not see hide nor hair of = no vérsele el pelo a Alguien.

Example: However, I never saw hide nor hair of her after that conversation.

» parting of + Posesivo + hair, the = raya del pelo, la.

Example: She even smeared the parting of her hair with vermillion before draping a yellow sari around her head.

» part + Posesivo + hair = hacerse la raya del pelo.

Example: Most of us are creatures of habit when it comes to parting our hair.

» pluck + Posesivo + hair = depilar, arrancar el pelo.

Example: Jessy spends a lot of her time plucking her hair -- her favorite parts include her shins and armpits.

» primp + Posesivo + hair = arreglarse el pelo.

Example: The camera pans to each of the four actors, but when it gets to Tara, you see her flirtatiously looking at the camera and primping her hair.

» pubic hair = vello púbico.

Example: Most forms of Brazilian waxing leave a small line of pubic hair above the vulva, commonly known as the 'landing strip'.

» put + hairs on + Posesivo + chest = resucitar a un muerto.

Example: And the coffee was so freaking strong it could put hairs on your chest!.

» rumple + Posesivo + hair = desmelenar el pelo, despeinar, desgreñar el pelo.

Example: She grinned at me before rumpling my chestnut brown hair affectionately.

» shampoo + Posesivo + hair = lavarse el pelo, lavarse el pelo con champú, lavarse la cabeza.

Example: The most important thing you can do to prevent or resolve oily hair is to shampoo your hair daily.

» sleek + Posesivo + hair back = peinarse alisándose el pelo hacia atrás, alisarse el pelo hacia atrás.

Example: Recently, stars have been going for understated fierceness by sleeking their hair straight back and away from their hairline.

» sleek + Posesivo + hair down = alisarse el pelo.

Example: Maybe she should sleek her hair down instead of having her hair styled as an Afro.

» split + hairs = discutir sobre nimiedades, ser demasiado quisquilloso, ser demasiado preciso, buscarle tres pies al gato, buscarle cinco pies al gato, rizar el rizo, hilar demasiado fino.

Example: This volume is too long, contains too many lengthy theoretical arguments that often split hairs, and is written in a tedious prose style.

» straight hair = pelo liso, pelo lacio, cabello liso, cabello lacio.

Example: Curls are something every girl with straight hair wants.

» strand of hair, a = pelo, un; cabello, un.

Example: A strand of hair is made of dead cuticle cells arranged like scales around a core of protein.

» strands of hair = cabello, mechón de pelo.

Example: Did you know that strands of hair can relax and lengthen when the humidity increases and then contract again when the humidity decreases?.

» tear + Posesivo + hair out = tirarse de los pelos, arrancarse el pelo a manojos, tirarse de las barbas, ponerse frenético, ponerse (hecho/como) un energúmeno, estar que + subirse + por las paredes, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios.

Example: People are clearly extremely upset, apparently tearing their hair out at having to deal with spam.

» tear + Posesivo + hair out = arrancar el pelo, arrancarse el pelo. [También usado con este orden tear + Possivo + hair out]

Example: She has spent weeks imprisoned, tearing her hair out, screaming herself hoarse with cries of innocence.

» tie + Posesivo + hair back = recogerse el pelo.

Example: Please wear cotton fabric clothing, long, tight-fitting sleeves, old jeans, and if you have long hair, please tie it back.

» tousle + Posesivo + hair = desgreñar, despeinar, desmelenar, alborotar el pelo, revolver el pelo.

Example: She licked her upper lip, tasting to see if she needed more lipstick and then tousled her hair with her fingers.

» tuft of hair = mechón de pelo, mechón de cabello.

Example: His greying tufts of hair stuck out from underneath his hat, his suit was over-the-top formal, and he had a face like a funeral.

» uneven cut in + Posesivo + hair = trasquilón.

Example: He keeps his hair cut short and there are a few uneven cuts in his hair that suggest he cuts his hair himself.

» unkempt hair = despeinado, desgreñado.

Example: The article 'Bad hair days in the Palaeolithic' argues that the familiar depiction of cavemen with longish, unkempt hair is not congruent with available archaeological data.

» vellus hair = vello corporal.

Example: Vellus hair is easy to ignore but it does more than you might imagine helping to regulate body temperature and protect the skin from infection.

» wash + Posesive + hair = lavarse el pelo, lavarse la cabeza.

Example: Prince Harry has reportedly owned up to his friends that he has not washed his hair for two years.

» wavy hair = pelo ondulado.

Example: Curly and wavy hair tends to behave-or misbehave-in a similar way, depending on its texture.

» wavy hair style = peinado ondulado.

Example: Kate's wavy hair style looked as if she had lost herself in time.

» white hair = pelo cano, pelo gris, cana.

Example: Poliosis is the name given to a localized patch of white hair.

» without turning a hair = sin pestañear, sin inmutarse, sin coscarse.

Example: Nothing is more unrealistic that seeing the hero take in an unlikely number of hits without turning a hair.

Hair synonyms

fuzz in spanish: pelusa, pronunciation: fʌz part of speech: noun tomentum in spanish: tomento, pronunciation: təmentəm part of speech: noun haircloth in spanish: vestido de pelo, pronunciation: herkləθ part of speech: noun hairbreadth in spanish: por un pelo, pronunciation: herbredθ part of speech: adjective, noun
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