Hairdressing in spanish


pronunciation: pelukeɹ̩iɑ part of speech: noun
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hairdressing = peluquería. 

Example: Hairdressing and cosmetology have become some of the most reliable, enjoyable and advantageous careers over the past decades.


» hairdressing academy = academia de peluquería.

Example: I'd been toying with the idea of having my hair cut at a hairdressing academy for a while and took the plunge when my hair got out of control with split ends and whatnot.

» hairdressing certificate = título de peluquero.

Example: This article also covers the harmonization of the laws of member states on matters as diverse as hairdressing certificates and the shorter working week.

» hairdressing salon = salón de peluquería, peluquería.

Example: According to the law, all barber shops, hairdressing salons, lodging houses and eating houses are required to register with the City Council = Por ley, todas las barberías, peluquerías, hostales y restaurantes están obligados a registrarse en el Ayuntamiento.

» hairdressing school = academia de peluquería.

Example: If you are looking to cut hair for a living, and you live in London or plan on living in London, check out these hairdressing schools in London.

Hairdressing synonyms

hair care in spanish: cuidado del cabello, pronunciation: herker part of speech: noun hair oil in spanish: aceite para cabello, pronunciation: herɔɪl part of speech: noun hair grease in spanish: grasa para el cabello, pronunciation: hergris part of speech: noun hairtonic in spanish: Tonico Capilar, pronunciation: hertɑnɪk
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