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pronunciation: ieloʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

ice1 = hielo. 

Example: The value of such efforts was demonstrated in 1994 when ice and snow caused structural damage to the library.


» as cold as ice = más frío que el mármol, más frío que la nieve, más frío que un témpano (de hielo).

Example: There are cultures where physical/verbal affection is simply not common you may find that some girls can like you and still be as cold as ice.

» black ice = verglás, hielo invisible sobre la calzada, hielo negro.

Example: The National Weather Service is advising drivers to use 'extreme caution' and to beware of black ice as temperatures drop below freezing .

» break + the ice = romper el hielo.

Example: That way, it's totally safe and also totally easy to break the ice and find things to chat about.

» crushed ice = hielo picado.

Example: Some cocktails call for crushed ice rather than ice cubes.

» crust of ice = capa de hielo.

Example: Jupiter's large moon, Europa, is covered by a thick crust of ice above a vast ocean of liquid water.

» dry ice powder = hielo seco en polvo.

Example: Animals were first anesthetized and then decapitated and brains were removed, frozen with dry ice powder, and stored in a deep freezer = Primero se anestesió a los animales y luego se decapitaron y se extrajeron sus cerebros, congelándolos con hielo seco en polvo y guardándolos en un congelador.

» fabric ice bag = bolsa de hielo de tela.

Example: Fabric ice bags are ideal for ice therapy application in the treatment of sports injuries.

» ice age = período glacial, edad de hielo, glaciación.

Example: A bewildering array of information devices must now be exploited as effectively as books were during the ice age of librarianship.

» ice bag = bolsa de hielo.

Example: Ice bags are used to help reduce swelling and help relieve muscle spasms by lowering skin temperature.

» iceberg = iceberg.

Example: In other words, the elements of any single case may point to several concepts; in this sense, the cases are like icebergs -- more is hidden han appears on the surface.

» icebreaker = rompehielos. 

Example: The U.S. has two of the most powerful non-nuclear icebreakers in the world.

» icebreaker = motivo para empezar una conversación, motivo de conversación. 

Example: But if you never learned how to approach women, here are some icebreakers that could come in handy when it comes to picking up women.

» ice cap = casquete polar, casquete glaciar.

Example: However, diaries and photos also show the efforts of all expedition members to fulfil Wegener's plans for a meteorological and glaciological profile of Greenland's entire inland ice cap.

» ice chest = nevera, nevera portátil.

Example: A Los Angeles man was charged Monday in the death of a woman whose body was found stuffed in an ice chest in a stolen vehicle.

» ice cold = helado, frío como el hielo.

Example: As I sipped my ice cold water and dug into the salad I had the feeling I was being watched.

» ice core = muestra de hielo.

Example: To reconstruct palaeoclimates, palaeoclimatologists analyse tree rings, ice cores, sea sediments and even rock strata which may hold clues to the state of the climate millions of years ago.

» ice cream = helado.

Example: This article reports on the modification and use of a supermarket ice cream freezer to exterminate insects.

» ice crystal = cristal de hielo.

Example: Boks were placed in ordinary freezers before being vacuum frozen to remove ice crystals from pages before they turned to liquid.

» ice cube = cubito de hielo.

Example: No one likes that artificial, over-precise articulation acquired by meticulously elocuted people who hang words on the air like so many ice cubes.

» ice hockey = hockey sobre hielo.

Example: Other sports played within Glasgow include cricket, greyhound racing and ice hockey.

» ice lolly = polo.

Example: The peak hours for selling ice lolly are from 9am until 6pm.

» iceman [icemen, -pl.] = hombre de la edad del hielo.

Example: Like the popular image of a prehistoric iceman taken from a glacier and warmed back to life, libraries were startled awake to a new information era = Como la imagen popular de un hombre prehistórico de la edad del hielo prehistórico sacado de un glaciar y devuelto a la vida, las bibliotecas se despertaron sobresaltadas en una nueva era de la información.

» ice pack = bolsa de hielo.

Example: I used to make up formula bottles in advance and take them in cooler bags with ice packs and never had an issue.

» ice rink = pista de hielo.

Example: This leisure centre is the first of its kind, offering an ice rink, a ski slope and a toboggan run.

» ice sheet = capa de hielo.

Example: The cryosphere consists of those parts of the Earth's surface where water is found in solid form, including areas of snow, sea ice, glaciers, permafrost, ice sheets, and icebergs.

» ice-skater = patinador. [Sobre hielo]

Example: Mandatory helmet use by ice-skaters at indoor rinks should be implemented.

» ice-skating = patinaje sobre hielo.

Example: Use of other types of protective equipment, such as wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, should be considered for prevention of injuries to the extremities during ice-skating.

» ice storm = tormenta de aguanieve, tormenta de lluvia helada.

Example: I heard crackling that sounded just like the saplings breaking in the ice storm we had last year.

» ice water = agua helada.

Example: A potato can be peeled in a second by steaming first for an hour before dipping it in ice water.

» on thin ice = terreno peligroso, terreno resbaladizo, en peligro.

Example: As the title of my talk indicates, we are on thin ice, and in more ways than one.

» pack ice = bloque de hielo flotante.

Example: Sir George Hubert Wilkins was leader of the expedition in which a submarine travelled under Arctic pack ice for the 1st time, as well as a scientist, photographer, and newspaper correspondent.

» put + Nombre + on ice = paralizar Algo, aparcar Algo, dejar Algo aparcado, posponer Algo, arrinconar Algo.

Example: Any action that the government might have considered taking was put on ice pending the results of the Royal Commission on Legal Services set up in 1976.

» sea ice = banquisa.

Example: The cryosphere consists of those parts of the Earth's surface where water is found in solid form, including areas of snow, sea ice, glaciers, permafrost, ice sheets, and icebergs.

» skate + on thin ice = andar por terreno peligroso, andar por terreno resbaladizo.

Example: The chancellor is skating on thin ice when it comes to the economy and ignored signs of a slowdown, a report warns.

» walk on + thin ice = andarse con (mucho) cuidado, andarse con pies de plomo, ir con pies de plomo.

Example: I walk on thin ice with my boys when they are with their spouses.

ice2 = congelar, enfriar, helar, poner en hielo. 

Example: The loins were divided into 2 lots: one lot was iced immediately and the other lot was left at room temperature for 6 hours before icing.


» de-ice [deice] = deshelar, derretir el hielo, eliminar el hielo, hacer derretir el hielo.

Example: Glycol is frequently used at airports during the winter to de-ice aircraft prior to take-off.

» sheet of ice = capa de hielo.

Example: The landing this morning was on a de-iced runway, but the taxiways and ramp surfaces were covered with thin sheets of ice.

Ice synonyms

frost in spanish: escarcha, pronunciation: frɔst part of speech: noun icing in spanish: Formación de hielo, pronunciation: aɪsɪŋ part of speech: noun frappe in spanish: frapé, pronunciation: fræp part of speech: noun frosting in spanish: Crema, pronunciation: frɔstɪŋ part of speech: noun water ice in spanish: agua helada, pronunciation: wɔtɜraɪs part of speech: noun ice rink in spanish: Pista de hielo, pronunciation: aɪsrɪŋk part of speech: noun ice-skating rink in spanish: pista de patinaje sobre hielo, pronunciation: aɪskeɪtɪŋrɪŋk part of speech: noun
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