Jawbone in spanish


pronunciation: mɑksilɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun
In gestures

jawbone = mandíbula, quijada, maxilar. 

Example: The photographs show the genesis of his creations from the source of inspiration (stones, driftwood, jawbones of animals) through his drawings and maquettes to the finished sculptures.

Jawbone synonyms

jowl in spanish: papada, pronunciation: dʒaʊl part of speech: noun mandible in spanish: mandíbula, pronunciation: mændəbəl part of speech: noun shmooze in spanish: shmooze, pronunciation: ʃmuz part of speech: noun, verb mandibula in spanish: mandibula, pronunciation: mɑndibulə part of speech: noun submaxilla in spanish: submaxilla, pronunciation: səbməksɪlə part of speech: noun lower jaw in spanish: mandíbula inferior, pronunciation: loʊɜrdʒɔ part of speech: noun
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