Jazz in spanish


pronunciation: xɑθθ part of speech: noun
In gestures

jazz1 = jazz. 

Example: All of the early works on rock music are buried under the heading for jazz, and the early works on linguistics are buried under the heading LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGES.


» jazz band = banda de jazz, conjunto de jazz.

Example: Two of the top-grossing concert tours last year were by a jazz band and a rock band.

» jazz concert = concierto de jazz.

Example: Such programs as rock groups, big name entertainers, and jazz concerts were excluded.

» jazz ensemble = conjunto de jazz, banda de jazz.

Example: His compositions and arrangements have been performed worldwide by jazz ensembles, orchestras, and bands of all levels.

jazz up2 = alegrar, avivar, dar vida a, mejorar. 

Example: After jazzing up her appearance with a new blonde hairdo, she turns up in his office and talks him into taking her out for a meal.

Jazz synonyms

love in spanish: amor, pronunciation: lʌv part of speech: noun, verb wind in spanish: viento, pronunciation: waɪnd part of speech: noun know in spanish: saber, pronunciation: noʊ part of speech: verb bed in spanish: cama, pronunciation: bed part of speech: noun screw in spanish: tornillo, pronunciation: skru part of speech: noun bang in spanish: explosión, pronunciation: bæŋ part of speech: noun hump in spanish: joroba, pronunciation: hʌmp part of speech: noun bonk in spanish: bonk, pronunciation: bɑŋk part of speech: verb make out in spanish: dar a entender, pronunciation: meɪkaʊt part of speech: verb nothingness in spanish: nada, pronunciation: nʌθɪŋnəs part of speech: noun get it on in spanish: ponlo en, pronunciation: getɪtɑn part of speech: verb do it in spanish: hazlo, pronunciation: duɪt part of speech: verb lie with in spanish: mentir con, pronunciation: laɪwɪð part of speech: verb have a go at it in spanish: probarlo, pronunciation: hævəgoʊætɪt part of speech: verb be intimate in spanish: ser íntimo, pronunciation: biɪntəmət part of speech: verb have intercourse in spanish: tener relaciones sexuales, pronunciation: hævɪntɜrkɔrs part of speech: verb have it off in spanish: tenerlo apagado, pronunciation: hævɪtɔf part of speech: verb have it away in spanish: tenerlo lejos, pronunciation: hævɪtəweɪ part of speech: verb sleep with in spanish: dormir con, pronunciation: slipwɪð part of speech: verb idle words in spanish: palabras ociosas, pronunciation: aɪdəlwɜrdz part of speech: noun
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