Jaws in spanish


pronunciation: mɑndibulɑs part of speech: noun
In gestures

jaw = mandíbula, quijada. 

Example: In the first pass the program compares the entry 'JAWS' with 'KIDNAPPED' and no exchange is made as they are in the correct alphabetical order.


» Posesivo + jaw + drop (open/to the floor) = quedarse boquiabierto. [También es normal la combinación Posesivo + jaw + drop + open y Posesivo + jaw + drop + to the floor]

Example: Their jaws dropped, like they had found the secret of success from a guy they respected so much.

» jaw-dropping = fascinante, fascinador, que + Pronombre + dejar + boquiabierto, que + Pronombre + dejar + con la boca abierta.

Example: Cosplayers, when they're serious about their craft, tend to fall somewhere between absolutely jaw-dropping and generally badass.

» jawless = sin mandíbula. 

Example: The lamprey, which evolved some 250 million years ago, belongs to a near-extinct family of jawless fishes.

» lockjaw = tétano(s).

Example: One of the symptoms of lockjaw is a tightening of the jaw muscles.

» lower jaw = maxilar inferior, mandíbula inferior, quijada inferior.

Example: The lower jaw has its own separate bone which is called 'the mandible', which is U-shaped and stretches from one ear, down to the chin area and then back up.

» rescue + Nombre + from the jaws of = rescatar Algo/Alguien de las garras de.

Example: Everywhere he has gone he has undertaken ambitious reorganizations, and has rescued many a company from the jaws of disaster = En todos los lugares en los que ha estado ha emprendido reestructuraciones ambiciosas, y ha rescatado a más de una compañía de las garras del desastre.

» set + Posesivo + jaws = apretar las mandíbulas, hacer de tripas corazón.

Example: The odds were against her, but she set her jaw tight and looks down the road that winds through the hills, past the houses and the gas station, past it all and to what lay just past the horizon.

» upper jaw = maxilar superior, mandíbula superior, quijada superior.

Example: In most vertebrates, the jaws are bony or cartilaginous and oppose vertically, comprising an upper jaw and a lower jaw.

» victory from the jaws of defeat = ganar cuando todo parece estar perdido.

Example: The article is entitled 'Victory from the jaws of defeat: a tribute to the Newark Public Library'.

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jaw in spanish: mandíbula, pronunciation: dʒɔ part of speech: noun
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