Kaput in spanish


pronunciation: kɑput part of speech: adverb, noun
In gestures

kaput = kaput. 


» be kaput = estropearse, estar estropeado, morder el polvo, irse a pique, irse al traste, irse al garete, petarse, estar petado.

Example: I had a mechanic chap take a gander earlier on and he said it's possible the pedal itself is kaput, as in there's something fishy going on with the mechanics of it.

» go + kaput = irse al traste, irse al garete, irse a pique, fracasar, estropearse.

Example: With oil at $76 a barrel, it won't be long until it all goes kaput!.

Kaput synonyms

gone in spanish: ido, pronunciation: gɔn part of speech: adjective done for in spanish: hecho para, pronunciation: dʌnfɔr
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