Keenly in spanish

De modo penetrante

pronunciation: demoʊdoʊpenetɹ̩ɑnte part of speech: adverb
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keenly = agudamente, vivamente, grandemente, en gran medida. 

Example: Those of us who deal with cooperatively produced catalogs and buy MARC tapes from a vendor will certainly feel the effects of all this keenly.


» feel + Nombre + keenly = sentirse profundamente herido, sentirse profundamente dolido, sentirse profundamente dolorido.

Example: Anne herself had become hardened to such affronts; but she felt the imprudence of the arrangement quite keenly = La propia Anne se había vuelto insensible a este tipo de ofensas, aunque la imprudencia del plan le hizo sentir profundamente dolida.

» keenly + Adjetivo/Participio = muy + Adjetivo/Participio.

Example: Dewey, who was keenly interested in reforming the spelling of the English language, lost no opportunity of pursuing this particular hobby: christened Melville, he soon dropped the final 'le', and even went to the extreme of spelling his final name 'Dui' for a time.

» keenly priced = a un precio muy competitivo, con un precio muy competitivo.

Example: Its typical response to a faltering economy is to trim manufacturing costs, including wages, in order to keep exports keenly priced against other countries.
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