Keel in spanish


pronunciation: kijɑ part of speech: noun
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keel1 = quilla. 

Example: Any way to reduce drag on the keel can only result in improved performance of the modern yacht.


» even keel = equilibrio, estabilidad, sesantez, ecuanimidad. [Nombre]

Example: That even keel, that unflappable demeanor is what made him such a steady player.

» even-keel = equilibrado, comedido, mesurado, estable, sensato, ecuánime. [Adjetivo]

Example: She doesn't expend energy on anger; she's an even-keel person -- the kind of leader people enjoy working with.

» keel-block = picadero. [Usado en náutica]

Example: How are the wooden keel-blocks held in place when a dry dock is flooded for a ship to enter?.

» on an even keel = equilibrado, comedido, estable, sensato, ecuánime.

Example: In the intervening months since the near-tragedy took place, her life has remained on an even keel.

keel over2 = caer (en) redondo, caerse redondo, desplomarse, zozobrar, volcarse, dar de/la quilla. 

Example: If I was running at a dead sprint going full tilt, I do not think I could make it much more than maybe one mile before I would keel over.

Keel synonyms

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