Keynote in spanish


pronunciation: fundɑmentɑl part of speech: noun
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keynote = idea fundamental, tónica. 

Example: Co-operative, carefully planned and financed internationally backed efforts have been the keynote of more recent activity.


» keynote address = discurso inaugural, discurso de apertura.

Example: Karen set the theme in her keynote address that booksellers, publishers and librarians often have different goals and perceptions.

» keynote paper = ponencia principal.

Example: This article is based on a keynote paper presented at seminar on information policy, planning and research.

» keynote presentation = ponencia principal, discurso inaugural, discurso de apertura.

Example: Where available keynote presentations and abstracts are available in PDF format.

» keynote speaker = conferenciante principal. [En un congreso, aquella persona que presenta las ideas principales del mismo]

Example: Each of these elements were introduced by keynote speakers at the 4 general sessions.

» keynote speech = conferencia principal.

Example: In the keynote speech each nation was urged to assume responsibility for preserving its own imprint while working cooperatively through IFLA to develop international bibliographic control.

» keynote talk = conferencia principal.

Example: This paper is based on the keynote talk presented at the Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Keynote synonyms

tonic in spanish: tónico, pronunciation: tɑnɪk part of speech: adjective, noun
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