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pronunciation: lɑboʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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labour [labor, -USA]1 = esfuerzo, trabajo, tarea. 

Example: An editor is a person who prepares for publication an item not his own and whose labour may be limited to the preparation of the item for the manufacturer.


» child labour = mano de obra infantil, trabajo de menores, trabajo infantil, explotación de menores, explotación infantil. [Utilizado generalmente en sentido negativo y contrapuesto a child work en sentido neutral]

Example: Child labour is now considered an inexcusable form of exploitation.

» Department of Labor = Ministerio de Trabajo.

Example: For the first time there are decidedly more government employees than goods-producing employees according to the Department of Labor.

» division of labour = división del trabajo.

Example: There are divergences of opinion within the library profession about the proper division of labour between professional and clerical staff.

» enjoy + the fruits of + Posesivo + labour = disfrutar de los frutos de + Posesivo + trabajo, disfrutar del fruto de + Posesivo + trabajo.

Example: Elena has enjoyed working around the world for a number of years is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her labour in her impending retirement.

» farm labour camp = campamento de trabajadores agrícolas.

Example: They ended up living in a farm labor camp and having to share a very tiny cabin with a number of people.

» farm labour force = mano de obra del campo, trabajadores del campo.

Example: Over the last 50 years on-farm mechanization has increased resulting in a decrease in the employed farm labour force.

» forced labour = trabajos forzados.

Example: the gulag was an atrocious system of incarceration and forced labor that had little to do with correction, that poisoned society, and that besmirched Soviet communism.

» forced labour camp = campo de trabajos forzados.

Example: Arabs who played a role in the Holocaust included those who personally took part in the persecution of Jews, and patrolmen who tracked down Jewish escapees from forced labor camps.

» hard labour = trabajo duro, trabajos forzados.

Example: With scorching heat from above and hard labour in the fields, Mirza Kak felt pangs of hunger.

» labour camp = campamento de trabajadores.

Example: School librarians regularly visit farmworkers' labour camps to help with the literacy needs of migrant children.

» labour camp = campo de trabajos forzados.

Example: He spent more than a decade in prison and labour camps in Siberia.

» labour exchange = oficina de empleo, bolsa de trabajo.

Example: The paper presents and discusses labour-exchange systems in a small community of 90 peasant families in Santiago Island, Cape Verde.

» labour incentive = incentivo laboral, incentivo en el trabajo.

Example: This analysis of labour incentives within cooperatives challenges the conventional wisdom that cooperatives suffer from a problem of weak work incentives.

» labour insertion = inserción laboral.

Example: Poverty, the immediate environment and the consequent absence of social networks which could stimulate contact and interaction is a barrier to labour insertion.

» labour-intensive [labour intensive] = laborioso, que necesita bastante dedicación de personal, que necesita bastante mano de obra.

Example: Catalogue maintenance in a large union catalogue based on cards or slips was a nightmare, and it was very labour-intensive to maintain such catalogues at more than one location.

» labour legislation = legislación laboral.

Example: 4 subjects were discussed at a seminar held on 3 successive weekends in Dec 86 on the training of librarians in job application: Curricula vitae; written applications; aspects of labour legislation (particularly testimonials); and interviews.

» labour market = mercado de trabajo, mercado laboral.

Example: To be sure, one of our major jobs seems to be processing and distributing students for a somewhat better defined labor market than most.

» labour of love = trabajo desinteresado, hacer Algo por amor al arte.

Example: In no way could it ever be suggested that the Reverend Keble Martin had spent virtually a lifetime working towards a successful market for a book; his was truly a labour of love which happily became a tremendous popular success.

» labour policy = política laboral.

Example: The title of the work is slightly misleading: the focus of its key chapters is more on labor policy than on industrial unrest and political dissent.

» labour productivity = productividad laboral.

Example: Overall labor productivity in the country will continue to grow if the very best companies continue to stay ahead of the pack.

» labour racket = extorsión sindical.

Example: The income helped support illegal gambling, bookmaking, loan sharking, and labor rackets in northern Ohio.

» labour reform = reforma laboral.

Example: He has a wealth of experience of the complex public policy issues surrounding seaports, privatisations and labour reform.

» labour relations = relaciones laborales.

Example: These, then, are keystones to labor relations today.

» labour saver = estrategia que ahorra trabajo.

Example: It is difficult to assess the economics of on-line systems, but most have proved to be labour savers.

» labour-saving = que ahorra trabajo, que ahorra esfuerzo.

Example: They smashed knitting machines that embodied new labor-saving technology as a protest against unemployment.

» labour shortage = escasez de mano de obra, falta de mano de obra.

Example: Force Majeure: SWETS shall not be liable for any interruption of service resulting from any circumstance beyond its reasonable control, including acts of god, war riot, embargoes, strikes or labour shortages or failure of equipment = Fuerzas Mayores: SWETS no será responsable de cualquier interrupción del servicio resultante de cualquier circunstancia más allá de su control, incluidas las causas de fuerza mayor, los disturbios ocasionados por las guerras, embargos, huelgas o escasez de mano de obra o fallos del equipo.

» labour turnover = movimiento de personal, renovación de personal.

Example: The variables were production, quality, costs, job satisfaction of operatives, job satisfaction of supervisors, work anxiety, accidents, absence, labor turnover, and industrial unrest.

» labour-union = sindical.

Example: A forum on labor-union perspectives on the future of higher education with two panels followed.

» menial labour = trabajo no cualificado, trabajo servil.

Example: Many children end up being sold and trafficked to work in brothels or become trapped into menial labour, without means of escape.

» paid labour = trabajo remunerado.

Example: The increased participation of women in paid labor has changed the organization of domestic work.

labour [labor, -USA]2 = mano de obra, trabajadores. 

Example: Encouraged by these developments, successive waves of cheap labor immigrated from Europe.


» labour-management agreement = convenio laboral.

Example: In these places, labor-management agreements form the foundation of programs designed to improve the quality of teaching and levels of student learning.

» foreign labour = mano de obra inmigrante, mano de obra extranjera.

Example: The rest of the crew will be replaced with foreign labour from Chile and The Philippines.

» International Labour Organisation (ILO) = Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT).

Example: This collection is supplemented by a wealth of material received from other inter-governmental bodies such as the United Nations (UN), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), etc..

» labour agreement = convenio laboral.

Example: This guide was designed to facilitate the preparation for and presentation of a course in administering local labour agreements.

» labour costs = costes de mano de obra. [Como opuesto a cash costs (costos en metálico)]

Example: The project was expected to produce guidelines on the cash and labour costs of using Prestel.

» Labour Day = día de los trabajadores, día del trabajo, día internacional de los trabajadores, día internacional del trabajo.

Example: We will be on red alert effective today, which means that we will place on stand-by at least 2,000 soldiers to prepare for any incident in the Labor Day holiday.

» labour force = mano de obra, trabajadores, población activa.

Example: The view that Chinese immigration was a threat to the American labour force spread throughout the United States in the late 19th century.

» Labour Party, the = Partido Laborista, el.

Example: Irish former minister Proinsias de Rossa was knocked to the ground after a public meeting in Dublin on Monday night, according to the Labour Party.

» labour right = derecho laboral, derecho del trabajador.

Example: Labor rights are still a prickly subject in Wisconsin.

» labour union = sindicato, sindicato obrero.

Example: This sources of information may be, for example, local churches, burial societies, labor unions, legal aid services and firms offering different forms of public transport.

» manual labour = mano de obra.

Example: The arguments are well known but we must realise that there was a very real fear that society would run short of manual labour = Los argumentos son bien conocidos pero debemos darnos cuenta de que había existía un miedo real de que la sociedad se quedase sin mano de obra.

» manual labour = trabajo manual.

Example: The children were involved in manual labour, guard duty, front-line fighting, bomb manufacture, setting sea/land mines & radio & communication.

labour [labor, -USA]3 = parto. 

Example: During labour, the bag of water surrounding the baby in the womb often tears, and the water escapes through the vagina in a gush.


» go into + labour = entrar en parto, ponerse de parto.

Example: If your waters do break before you go into labour, don't panic -- put on a sanitary pad for protection.

» labour ward = sala de partos.

Example: This book provides a practical set of rules to help trainee obstetricians and midwives to understand the concepts of labour ward management.

labour [labor, -USA]4 = esforzarse, trabajar duro. 

Example: So we see many wits and ingenuities lying scattered up and down the world, whereof some are now labouring to do what is already done and puzzling themselves to reinvent what is already invented.


» labour against + the grain = luchar (en) contra (de) (la) corriente.

Example: So teachers find themselves laboring against the grain.

» labour + the point = seguir insistiendo, seguir repitiendo, seguir reiterando, volver a repetir, volver a insistir, volver a reiterar. [Referido generalmente a una idea, argumento o punto de vista]

Example: I am sorry to labour the point, but the list that you have just read out did not include a single west African country.

labour [labor, -USA]5 = funcionar con dificultad. 

Example: Document arrangement labours under some inherent limitations as a document or information retrieval device.

Labour synonyms

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