Labourer in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbɹ̩eɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun
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labourer [laborer, -USA] = peón, jornalero. 

Example: Special colleges were established offering technical and practical programs for farmers and laborers.


» agricultural labourer = trabajador agrícola, obrero agrícola, agricultor, trabajador del campo.

Example: The agricultural labourer receiving payment in kind was a married farm-hand with a one-year contract and whose wife had the duty to milk the cows morning and night.

» farm labourer = peón, jornalero, peón agrícola, trabajador del campo, trabajador agrícola, jornalero agrícola, labriego, gañán, bracero, labrador.

Example: Despite these hardships, farm laborers enjoy their work since they like to be outdoors near plants and animals.

Labourer synonyms

laborer in spanish: obrero, pronunciation: leɪbɜrɜr part of speech: noun manual laborer in spanish: trabajador manual, pronunciation: mænjuəlleɪbɜrɜr part of speech: noun
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