Laboured in spanish


pronunciation: tɹ̩ɑbɑxɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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labour [labor, -USA]4 = esforzarse, trabajar duro. 

Example: So we see many wits and ingenuities lying scattered up and down the world, whereof some are now labouring to do what is already done and puzzling themselves to reinvent what is already invented.


» labour against + the grain = luchar (en) contra (de) (la) corriente.

Example: So teachers find themselves laboring against the grain.

» labour + the point = seguir insistiendo, seguir repitiendo, seguir reiterando, volver a repetir, volver a insistir, volver a reiterar. [Referido generalmente a una idea, argumento o punto de vista]

Example: I am sorry to labour the point, but the list that you have just read out did not include a single west African country.

labour [labor, -USA]5 = funcionar con dificultad. 

Example: Document arrangement labours under some inherent limitations as a document or information retrieval device.

Laboured synonyms

awkward in spanish: torpe, pronunciation: ɑkwɜrd part of speech: adjective heavy in spanish: pesado, pronunciation: hevi part of speech: adjective strained in spanish: tenso, pronunciation: streɪnd part of speech: adjective labored in spanish: trabajado, pronunciation: leɪbɜrd part of speech: adjective effortful in spanish: esfuerzo, pronunciation: efɜrtfʊl part of speech: adjective
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