Laden in spanish


pronunciation: kɑɹ̩gɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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laden = cargado, lleno. 

Example: When you arrive at the check-out desk you have a laden trolley and many more items than on your shopping list.


» agenda-laden = con intenciones ocultas, con planes ocultos, con intereses ocultos.

Example: While some sites are strictly parody intended or product-promoting, some intentionally lure the unsuspecting into information provided by hate groups or other agenda-laden organisations.

» calorie-laden = cargado de calorías, repleto de calorías.

Example: Banning sugared beverages from schools will limit children's access to calorie-laden sodas and sports drinks.

» debt-laden = cargado de deudas, lleno de deudas, plagado de deudas, entrampado.

Example: Debt-laden companies are selling off assets as a slowing economy, a weak rupee and volatile capital markets offer little hope of a turnaround.

» laden with = lleno de, cargado de.

Example: Did you know that the "pope's nose" is laden with toxins from the chicken's body which accumulate in the little fatty morsel?.

» moisture-laden = cargado de humedad.

Example: Moisture-laden clouds prevailed yesterday with a few rampant rumbles of thunder, but for the most part rains were light of stratiform (non-cumuliform) nature.

» risk-laden = cargado de riesgos, cargado de peligros, lleno de riesgos, lleno de peligros, plagado de riesgos, plagado de peligros.

Example: The mental attitude which best reflected the risk-laden world inhabited by those living off the sea was their belief in luck.

Laden synonyms

load in spanish: carga, pronunciation: loʊd part of speech: noun full in spanish: completo, pronunciation: fʊl part of speech: adjective ladle in spanish: cucharón, pronunciation: leɪdəl part of speech: noun lade in spanish: cargar, pronunciation: leɪd part of speech: verb loaded in spanish: cargado, pronunciation: loʊdəd part of speech: adjective oppressed in spanish: oprimido, pronunciation: əprest part of speech: adjective burdened in spanish: cargado, pronunciation: bɜrdənd part of speech: adjective ladened in spanish: cargado, pronunciation: leɪdənd part of speech: adjective load up in spanish: cargar, pronunciation: loʊdʌp part of speech: verb
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