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pronunciation: dɑmɑ part of speech: noun
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lady = señora, mujer, dama. 

Example: Librarians who have to choose between Congress and Dewey are in the dilemma of the proverbial lady facing death or a fate worse than death.


» bag lady = vabagunda, mendiga, indigente. [Mujer que vive en las calles de las ciudades y que suele llevar sus posesiones en bolsas, a veces en un carrito de la compra]

Example: A sample of New York City's vagrant females were interviewed in the main bag lady territory in Manhattan.

» cleaning lady = servicio doméstico, limpiadora, señora de la limpieza, mujer de la limpieza, muchacha de la limpieza.

Example: Doyle's fifth novel deals with the life and love of Paula Spencer, a 39-year-old woman, alcoholic, mother, cleaning lady, and widow.

» dragon lady = arpía, harpía, malvada, vieja bruja.

Example: The impassive Diane is portrayed early on as the office dragon lady, bossing about her underling.

» First Lady = Primera Dama, la.

Example: Last week, First Lady Laura Bush held the fourth in her series of White House literary soirees.

» foxy lady = chica atractiva, chica despampanante, chica sexi, bombón sexi, bombón.

Example: 'No man could keep his hands off a foxy lady like you forever,' she said with a wink as she headed back to work = "Nunca ningún hombre podría mantenerse alejado de una chica tan sexi como tú," dijo guiñándome mientras se dirigía de vuelta al trabajo.

» go to + the ladies(' room) = ir al baño, ir al servicio, ir al aseo, ir al váter. [Usado para las mujeres]

Example: She raised her hand and asked for permission to go to the ladies' room.

» ladies and gentlemen = Señoras y Señores.

Example: There, ladies and gentlemen, that is a rarebit that will melt in your mouth, and make the absent ones regret their foolishness.

» ladies bike = bicicleta de mujeres.

Example: The fact that ladies bikes have no crossbar dates back to Victorian times when the ladies of the day would wear long skirts and ride side-saddle.

» ladies' man = donjuán, casanova, mujeriego.

Example: Sweet Lou is a ladies' man who does not have to say much to have his way with women.

» ladies' room = lavabo de señoras, servicio de señoras, aseo de señoras, baño de señoras.

Example: But there is no advantage to having men's and ladies' rooms far apart, since they are used by different people, so they are almost always next to each other.

» Posesivo + lady = Posesivo + compañera (sentimental), Posesivo + mujer.

Example: Lyrically this song is about a man telling his lady they are going to trade places and swap roles.

» ladyfinger = galleta de bizcocho.

Example: Ladyfingers are also employed as an integral part of some desserts.

» Posesivo + lady friend = Posesivo + compañera (sentimental).

Example: He met his lady friend and the two headed to the town square where a band was playing.

» lady-killer = tenorio, donjuán, playboy, ligón, castigador, mujeriego, conquistador, robacorazones, ladrón de corazones.

Example: He was a lady-killer -- tall, dark-haired, handsome in his army officer's uniform.

» Lady Muck = doña pija. [Mujer con aires de grandeza]

Example: Do you think, Lady Muck, that being rich would make you less bitter?.

» landlady = casera, dueña, propietaria.

Example: It is great to see that the number of landladies is steadily increasing as more and more women realise the investment opportunities offered by residential property.

» leading lady = actriz principal, protagonista.

Example: Considering her upbringing, it is ironical that she was often cast as a maid and, much to her regret, hardly ever as the leading lady.

» shopping-bag lady = vagabunda, mendiga, indigente. [Mujer que vive en las calles de las ciudades y que suele llevar sus posesiones en bolsas, a veces en un carrito de la compra]

Example: Shopping-bag ladies do not overtly beg, but they do not refuse what is offered.

» young lady = joven. [Sexo femenino]

Example: To work as a librarian is so terribly respectable that young lady trainees at library school have been known to try to keep their specialism a secret from young men so as not to prejudice their chances of acquiring boyfriends.

Lady synonyms

madam in spanish: señora, pronunciation: mædəm part of speech: noun dame in spanish: dama, pronunciation: deɪm part of speech: noun madame in spanish: señora, pronunciation: mædəm part of speech: noun gentlewoman in spanish: dama, pronunciation: dʒentəlwʊmən part of speech: noun peeress in spanish: paresa, pronunciation: pɪrəs part of speech: noun noblewoman in spanish: aristócrata, pronunciation: noʊbəlwʊmən part of speech: noun

Lady antonyms

noble pronunciation: noʊbəl part of speech: adjective lord pronunciation: lɔrd part of speech: noun nobleman pronunciation: noʊbəlmən part of speech: noun
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