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pronunciation: lɑin part of speech: verb
In gestures

lain = Participio pasado del verbo lie. [Véase éste y sus derivados para los distintos significados]

Example: Our interest has lain with indexing practices rather than with search procedures.

lie (in)2 = consistir en, yacer en, encontrarse en, radicar en, residir en. [Verbo irregular: pasado lay, participio lain, gerundio lying]

Example: The main limitation of this pragmatic approach lies in the time and collection dependency of the resulting tool.


» answer + lie = respuesta + buscar, respuesta + encontrar.

Example: Again, there is no instant solution; the answer must lie in a lengthy process of trying to change the public's image of the library.

» challenge + lie ahead = reto + avecinarse.

Example: Many challenges lie ahead for those selling children's books with increased competition and shrinking profit margins.

» darker times + lie ahead = avecinarse tiempos difíciles.

Example: Darker times lie ahead if librarians are to continue to act as educators instead of assuming a role as disseminators of information and knowledge.

» difficulty + lie = dificultad + encontrarse.

Example: The difficulty of timetabling, staffing rotas etc. lies principally in the numerous drafts which usually have to be made to produce the final version.

» hard times lie ahead = se avecinan malos tiempos.

Example: Hard times lie ahead, the halcyon days are gone -- perhaps forever.

» have + a lie-in = quedarse en la cama hasta tarde, no levantarse hasta tarde.

Example: She said she deserved to have a lie-in after more than a decade of getting up at the crack of dawn.

» herein lies the rub = ese es el problema, ahí está el problema, esa es la dificultad, ahí está la dificultad, esa es la cuestión, ese es el asunto.

Example: But despite the many catalog worlds, and herein lies the rub -- or at least a rough spot -- we have been proceeding on the assumption that the catalog exists in the form of the data distributed by the Library of Congress.

» hope + lie = esperanza + estar.

Example: The only hope for the future of the industry lies in a general upturn in the economy.

» interest + lie with = interés + centrarse en.

Example: Our interest has lain with indexing practices rather than with search procedures.

» it + lie with + Nombre/Pronombre + to + Infinitivo = ser la responsabilidad de Alguien + Infinitivo.

Example: Finally, then, it must lie with the editor to ensure that the submissions from individual contributors are legible.

» let + farmland lie fallow = dejar la tierra en barbecho.

Example: Letting farmland lie fallow is the right thing to do, but some farmers can not afford to do it regardless of the beneficial impact on the land.

» let + sleeping dogs lie = dejar las cosas como están, dejar las cosas tranquilas, no buscarle las pulgas al perro, no hurgar en la herida.

Example: She feels torn between her love of the truth and the desire to let sleeping dogs lie.

» let + the fields lie fallow = dejar los campos en barbecho.

Example: By crop rotation farmers can keep their fields under continuous production, without the need to let them lie fallow, and reducing the need for artificial fertilizers, both of which can be expensive.

» lie about/(a)round = estar de aquí para allá sin hacer nada, echarse aquí y allá sin hacer nada.

Example: Next, we come across some wild dogs -- six or eight of them -- lying about lazily on the dried-up flash-flood river bed.

» lie about/(a)round = andar rodando por ahí, estar rodando por ahí, tener arrinconado por ahí, estar arrinconado por ahí.

Example: He was also surprised to find that some food he had collected for his brigade and left lying about somewhere.

» lie about/(a)round + the house = andar rodando por la casa, estar rodando por la casa, tener arrinconado en la casa, estar arrinconado en la casa.

Example: If you happen to have a couple of turntables lying around the house, we've got the perfect project for you this weekend.

» lie about/(a)round + the house = andar rodando por la casa sin hacer nada, estar rodando por la casa sin hacer nada.

Example: Retirement is the time of life when you stop lying about your age and start lying about the house.

» lie about/(a)round + the place = andar rodando por ahí, estar rodando por ahí, tener arrinconado por ahí, estar arrinconado por ahí.

Example: Many houses have unused gold items lying around the place, hiding away in drawers providing no use to any person.

» lie ahead = avecinarse, acercarse, aproximarse.

Example: It is possible to make generalizations leading to predictions of what lies ahead for geoscience information professionals.

» lie at + the heart of = ser de importancia vital.

Example: Although the distinction between 'societies' and 'institutions' lies at the heart of the code.

» lie at + the root of = encontrarse en el trasfondo de, ser la razón de.

Example: Telecommunications technology lies at the root of formal concepts such as Inter-Information Subjects Networks (IISNs) and National Information Systems (NISs), developed in the last few years.

» lie back = retreparse, recostarse, echarse hacia atrás, echarse para atrás.

Example: Lisa lay back, her hair spilling across the pillow, without a stitch on, wondering how she could feel so completely at ease with him.

» lie behind = subyacer.

Example: Modern discussion centered around film and TV has interrogated more profoundly the social attitudes and theories which lie behind the concept of the creative author.

» lie beyond = caer fuera de.

Example: We have excluded consideration of the many applications of the computer in pre- and post-coordinate indexing as lying beyond the limits and objectives of this particular course.

» lie beyond + concern = estar fuera del interés de uno.

Example: We talk heatedly about books that lie beyond our present concerns because these allow us to speculate and often present us with puzzles we want to explore.

» lie + buried = yacer enterrado, permanecer enterrado.

Example: Then, there was only a long, deathly silence -- Pompeii lay buried for nearly 1700 years.

» lie + dormant = permanecer inactivo, estar inactivo, hibernar.

Example: Such special duty can be intensely challenging, freeing creative energies that would otherwise lie dormant.

» lie down = echarse, tumbarse, yacer, recostarse, tenderse, acostarse.

Example: They stopped or lay down or wallowed frequently just before the crossing point on the river.

» lie down on + the job = holgazanear en el trabajo, no rendir en el trabajo, dormirse en el trabajo, descuidar el trabajo.

Example: Anyway, we don't know much about Nicole yet, just that she's a babysitter who was caught lying down on the job.

» lie down with dogs and you get fleas = acuéstate con niños y amanecerás meado.

Example: I have always believed that, as the old sayings go, 'You are known by the company you keep', 'Birds of a feather flock together', 'Lie down with dogs and you get fleas', etc, etc.

» lie + fallow = estar inerte, estar inactivo, estar en barbecho.

Example: Rather readers grow by fits and starts now rushing ahead, now lying fallow, and now moving steadily on.

» lie + forgotten = olvidarse, pasar desapercibido.

Example: The 18th-century Philadelphia house of James Dexter will not lie forgotten beneath a planned tour bus depot.

» lie + hidden = yacer oculto, latir, estar oculto.

Example: For six years, the torture chamber lay hidden in the cellars of what had once been an orphanage for deaf children.

» lie in = quedarse en la cama hasta tarde, no levantarse hasta tarde.

Example: You spend forty odd years wishing you didn't have to be up and out before 8am every morning -- so why do pensioners never lie in?.

» lie in + bed = echarse en la cama, estar acostado.

Example: In order to study the long-term effects of gravity on the human body, NASA is looking for a few good lazy people to lie in bed all day sleeping.

» lie in + store (for) = aguardar, deparar, esperar.

Example: I've often wondered whether my mother still would have left him if she could have known what lay in store for him.

» lie in + wait (for) = acechar, estar al acecho.

Example: The hurdles that lie in wait for us include ones called 'connectivity', 'electronic journals', 'new software', 'new computers', 'more RAM', 'local area networks' and 'more time and energy'.

» lie + low = tratar de pasar desapercibido, tratar de pasar inadvertido, tratar de no llamar la atención. [Algunos hablantes utilizan lay/laid low en su lugar]

Example: Whilst they grumbled about it in internal memos they decided to lie low and let the matter cool down.

» lie + midway between ... and ... = estar a caballo entre... y..., estar a medio camino entre... y....

Example: Typography at present is treated as an aspect of communication; it should instead be considered as lying midway between the plastic and the graphic arts.

» lie on + Posesivo + back = acostarse de espaldas, acostarse boca arriba, tumbarse de espaldas, tumbarse boca arriba.

Example: He lustily told her in one message that he wanted her lying on her back.

» lie on + Posesivo + oars = darse un respiro, tomarse un respiro, darse un descanso, tomarse un descanso, descansar, dormirse en los laureles.

Example: But that is no reason for lying on our oars and refusing to see that our service is full of absurdities and mistakes.

» lie on + Posesivo + stomach = acostarse boca abajo, tumbarse boca abajo.

Example: She's had to lie on her stomach for many years because of an over-10kg tumor on her buttocks.

» lie on + Posesivo + tummy = acostarse boca abajo, tumbarse boca abajo.

Example: She was lying on her tummy in her bed, watching the clock on her nightstand.

» lie on + the sofa = tumbarse en el sofá, echarse en el sofá.

Example: As soon as my whippet goes into the living room he just jumps all over the furniture and if I go upstairs first thing he will do is lie on the sofa.

» lie outside + the scope of = estar fuera del interés, estar fuera del alcance, caer fuera del interés de.

Example: Consideration of PRECIS and the chain procedure lies outside the scope of this particular volume.

» lie + prostrate = yacer postrado, postrarse.

Example: Pope Francis today lay prostrate in the centre of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican to commemorate Jesus' death by crucifixion.

» lie + scattered = estar esparcido, estar disperso.

Example: So we see many wits and ingenuities lying scattered up and down the world, whereof some are now labouring to do what is already done and puzzling themselves to reinvent what is already invented.

» lie + unnoticed = pasar desapercibido, pasar inadvertido.

Example: There are a number of examples of what ultimately appear as highly significant discoveries lying unnoticed for years in the literature.

» lie within + Posesivo + power = estar dentro de las posibilidades de uno.

Example: He must assure himself that he has indeed eliminated every possibility that lies within his power before concluding that he has indeed drawn a blank.

» opportunity + lie in = oportunidad + residir en.

Example: The opportunity aspect lies in both the act of reporting and the style selected for sending the message.

» origins + lie = orígenes + encontrarse.

Example: The origins of the Internet lie in the various academic and research computer networks which developed in the 70s and 80s.

» overlie = recubrir, revestir, superponer, seguir, estar por encima de, subyacer. [Verbo irregular: pasado overlay, participio overlain]

Example: The disputes between islanders and outsiders overlie the deeper problem of administrative denial of indigenous lagoon rights.

» problem + lie = problema + residir, problema + encontrarse, problema + estar.

Example: The problem that lies at the base of the librarian/faculty conflict is that many members of the teaching faculty have no idea of what librarians do.

» problem + lie ahead = problema + avecinarse.

Example: The large profits to be made in this field will outbalance the problems that may lie ahead.

» roots + lie = las raíces se remontan a.

Example: Its roots, however, lay at least two millenia in the past.

» solution + lie in = solución + encontrarse en.

Example: The solution appears to lie in a two-pronged attack.

» the importance of + Nombre + lie = importancia + yacer, importancia + radicar, importancia + residir.

Example: The importance of serials lies in the relative speed at which they are able to communicate information on the results of scholarly research = La importancia de las publicaciones seriadas radica en la velocidad relativa con que son capaces de informar sobre los resultados de la investigación científica.

» the reason + lie in = el motivo + estar en.

Example: The reason behind this requirement of digital data lies in the engineering aspects of digital computers: they can only manipulate digital signals.

» trouble + lie = problema + radicar.

Example: The trouble lay in the difficulty of imposing type on a curved surface.

» you've made your bed, now you must lie in it! = tienes lo que te mereces; tú te lo guisas, tú te lo comes; a lo hecho, pecho; cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos; el que la hace, la paga, aquellos polvos traen estos lodos.

Example: After all, "you've made your bed, now you must lie in it," so there's no sense complaining.
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