Macadam in spanish


pronunciation: mɑkɑdɑn part of speech: noun
In gestures

macadam = macadán. 

Example: Instead of resurfacing the street with macadam, workers laid many of the same cobblestones that had been buried under the blacktop for nearly eighty years.


» tarmacadam = asfalto.

Example: Another issue with tarmacadam surfaces is the growth of moss, algae and weeds.

Macadam synonyms

tarmac in spanish: pista, pronunciation: tɑrmæk part of speech: noun asphalt in spanish: asfalto, pronunciation: æsfɔlt part of speech: noun paved in spanish: pavimentado, pronunciation: peɪvd part of speech: adjective tarmacadam in spanish: tarmacadam, pronunciation: tɑrməkædəm part of speech: noun macadamized in spanish: macadamizado, pronunciation: məkædəmaɪzd part of speech: verb, adjective, noun
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