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pronunciation: mɑkɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
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macro = macro. 

Example: Macros and synonyms may be used to assist with complicated searches.


» macrocosm = macrocosmos.

Example: The interaction of the microcosm of the self with the macrocosm of the universe is a central dialectic for establishing inner and outer harmony.

» macrocosmic = macrocósmico.

Example: In this model, campuses would be used as research laboratories wherein microcosmic solutions to macrocosmic problems are developed.

» macroeconomic [macro-economic] = macroeconómico.

Example: The author outlines the key macroeconomic factors influencing UK and German university libraries.

» macroeconomics = macroeconomía.

Example: A major problem in macroeconomics is forecasting the growth of the national economy.

» macro level [macro-leve/macrolevel] = nivel superior, macronivel.

Example: This article distinguishes between research undertaken at the micro, meso and macro levels and the concomitant foci, demands and potential contribution of such research.

» macromolecule = macromolécula.

Example: Salts are by far the most common precipitant used to crystallise macromolecules.

» macrostructural = macroestructural.

Example: Alcoholic men and women showed similar patterns of macrostructural and microstructural abnormalities in the corpus callosum.

» macrostructure = macroestructura.

Example: The distinction between macrostructure and microstructure is relative to the perspective, aims or level of description.

» on a macro level = en un contexto más amplio, a nivel global.

Example: On a macro level this manifests in a number of ways, such as legislation protecting ethnic minorities' rights.

Macro synonyms

big in spanish: grande, pronunciation: bɪg part of speech: adjective large in spanish: grande, pronunciation: lɑrdʒ part of speech: adjective
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