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pronunciation: etʃoʊ part of speech: adjective
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made = Tiempo pasado y participio del verbo make (hacer). [Véase éste y sus derivados para los distintos significados]

Example: People must be made to feel that they and their ideas count.


» a match made in heaven = una pareja perfecta, una pareja ideal, un emparejamiento perfecto, un emparejamiento ideal.

Example: The article 'A match made in heaven' discusses the positive qualities and features of picture books for older readers.

» be made from = obtenerse (a partir) de, componerse de.

Example: You will probably be surprised to know that a plastic bottle is made from the same petrochemical as the fiber we call polyester.

» be made of = estar compuesto de, estar formado de, componerse de, estar hecho de.

Example: Cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, and atoms are made of energy.

» be made of money = tener dinero para dar y regalar, estar podrido de dinero, tener dinero para empapelar, tener dinero a punta pala.

Example: The same applies to our farmers who also are finding times hard, despite many people thinking they are made of money and having it easy.

» be made up of = estar compuesto de, estar formado de, componerse de, estar hecho de.

Example: Although the snake looks relaxed, the greater part of its body mass is made up of muscles that can spring to attention at a moment's notice.

» British-made = hecho en el Reino Unido.

Example: This is a British-made general encyclopedia that dates back to 1913-14, is both authoritative and reliable as a source of information for adults and older students.

» custom-made = hecho a medida, hecho a propósito, hecho por encargo.

Example: The only viable alternatives open to would-be users are to produce or commission the production of custom-made application programs.

» every effort + be + made to = hacer todo lo posible para.

Example: Every effort is made to ensure continuity of index terms from one year to another = Se hace todo lo posible para asegurar la continuidad de los descriptores de un año para otro.

» foreign-made = hecho en el extranjero.

Example: His small foreign-made car strained with the added burden of an interior packed to capacity with personal belongings and a heavily laden U-Haul trailor attached to the rear.

» fresh-made = reciente, hecho recientemente.

Example: Copies can generally be recognized by such signs as set-off from fresh-made proofs, inky thumb-marks, and a general air of dog-eared grubbiness.

» hand-made = hecho a mano, fabricado a mano, realizado a mano.

Example: It was not until the 1820s that the production of machine-made paper exceeded that of hand-made, even in Britain.

» hand-made paper = papel hecho a mano.

Example: Early-nineteenth-century hand-made paper, however, differed from that of the hand-press period on account both of new methods of bleaching, and of changes in the form of the hand mould.

» homemade = casero, de fabricación casera, local, hecho en casa.

Example: And may I say parenthetically that two publishers out of the enormous number that are so often touted as belonging to the CIP program are now printing their own homemade and superior cataloging in publication data.

» locally made = fabricado localmente, hecho localmente.

Example: The best Christmas gift I received last year was a locally made, reuseable food wrap called Abeeg.

» machine-made = hecho a máquina.

Example: In 1800 all paper was made, rather expensively, by hand; in 1900 more than 99 per cent of it was machine-made.

» machine-made laid paper = papel verjurado hecho a máquina.

Example: The first dandy rolls were made in the laid pattern, and thus produced a machine-made laid paper, but wove dandies were also in use from 1828.

» machine-made paper = papel hecho a máquina.

Example: Although light-and-shade marks were later successfully adapted for machine-made paper, they were too expensive for normal use in hand moulds.

» made for each other = hecho el uno para el otro, juntarse el hambre con las ganas de comer.

Example: The article is entitled 'The perfect match - parasite & host: made for each other'.

» made-for-television = creado especialmente para la televisión.

Example: The focus in on feature films, not made-for-television, industrial or educational cinema.

» made man = hombre de éxito, triunfador.

Example: At the end of the journey, once you become a made man, you can look back and find meaning in the suffering you had to go through to get there.

» made man = hombre de honor. [Categoría especial concedida a ciertos hombres de la mafia]

Example: His Albanian origins and lacking Sicilian blood meant that he could never rise up the ranks to become a 'made man'.

» made to measure = hecho a medida, hecho por encargo.

Example: The article 'Made to measure' reviews available techniques for users of the Internet to customize their terminal and access mode.

» made-to-order = hecho a medida, hecho por encargo.

Example: The Daily Mail reports that made-to-order embryos are being offered, at a cost of about $10000.

» made-up collection = colección ficticia.

Example: The following are examples of made-up collections: a collection of pamphlets housed in a box; a set of memorabilia in various formats kept together as a collection; all the manuscripts of an individual author.

» made-up copy = ejemplar ficticio.

Example: Although it is less common than it used to be, booksellers and collectors sometimes complete an imperfect copy of a valuable book by supplying missing leaves from another, yet more imperfect, copy; thus obtaining a 'made-up' copy.

» made-up page = página compuesta.

Example: This development can then link directly with yet another separately developing area -- the electronic transmission of made-up pages for printing at a remote location.

» man-made = hecho por el hombre, causado por el hombre, provocado por el hombre.

Example: The term realia refers to natural objects as opposed to man-made ones.

» marriage made in heaven = asociación perfecta, colaboración perfecta.

Example: The article is entitled 'A marriage made in heaven or a blind date: successful library-faculty partnering in distance education.

» new-made = recién hecho.

Example: There may be pale drip marks in the neighbourhood of the tranchefiles, where drops of water fell from the deckle or from the maker's hand on to the new-made sheet.

» ready-made = hecho de antemano, preconfeccionado, preparado de antemano, preparado, prefabricado.

Example: In some cases UDC provides the indexer with a ready-made class number for a compound subject.

» self-made = hecho por uno mismo.

Example: The lack of a clear understanding of the importance and function of the subject index is demonstrated in those libraries which substitute the printed index to the classification scheme for a self-made one.

» self-made = autodidacta.

Example: Good writers can be self-made, and taught, as well as born.

» tailor-made [tailormade] = personalizado, hecho a medida, hecho a propósito, hecho por encargo.

Example: Fourthly, it had an inbuilt classified notational structure which were almost tailor-made for the production of subject catalogues.

» tailor-made software = programa informático hecho por encargo, programa personalizado, software personalizado.

Example: The amount of programming required for complex tailor-made software can be reduced considerably by the use of a 'programmable' DBMS such as Dbase II.

» the stuff dreams are made of = el sueño de todo ser viviente, el sueño de toda persona, el sueño de todos.

Example: The novel 'The stuff dreams are made of' suggests that the real part of us is not the body or the personality, both of which are transitory, but the inner consciousness.

» We are such stuff as dreams are made on = de ilusiones vive el hombre.

Example: The poem closes with a strange hint of allusion to the Shakespearean quotation 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on'.

» well-made = bien hecho, bien producido, de calidad.

Example: And there was a steady output in the later nineteenth century of well-made prize bindings in gilt-tooled calf, which were slickly produced by specialist firms.

» you've made your bed, now you must lie in it! = tienes lo que te mereces; tú te lo guisas, tú te lo comes; a lo hecho, pecho; cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos; el que la hace, la paga, aquellos polvos traen estos lodos.

Example: After all, "you've made your bed, now you must lie in it," so there's no sense complaining.

make3 = hacer, efectuar, elaborar, formar, componer. [Verbo irregular: pasado y participio (made)]

Example: This concept comes mainly from the military, where a designated number of troops make a squad, a platoon, a regiment, etc..


» absence makes the heart grow fonder = la distancia es como el viento que apaga los fuegos pequeños pero aviva los grandes.

Example: She and various others I have talked with about this situation all stressed that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

» be not as + Adjetivo + as everyone makes it to be = no ser tan + Adjetivo + como se dice, no ser tan + Adjetivo + como dicen.

Example: If you are reading this, your dream is probably to become famous one day, but becoming famous is not as hard as everyone makes it to be.

» but to make matters worse = para colmo, para más inri, para mayor inri, para peor de males.

Example: But to make matters worse, and as the drought rolls on, it is very likely that it won't rain again until October or November.

» but to make things worse = para colmo, para más inri, para mayor inri.

Example: But to make things worse, a handwritten note scrawled at the bottom of the page explains what really happened after the study was approved.

» can't make head(s) (n)or tail(s) of = no tener ni pies ni cabeza, no encontrar ni el pie ni la cabeza, no entender ni una papa de.

Example: I can't make heads or tails of all this monkey business.

» check to make sure = asegurarse.

Example: The system checks to make sure that no orders for the vendor are in the file and then displays a screen summarizing the vendor to be deleted.

» cheque + make + payable to = rellenar un cheque a nombre de.

Example: Cheques should be made payable to: IFLA Headquarters.

» custom-make = hacer a medida.

Example: I think the way ahead for small libraries will be that the larger libraries in a small country like Britain will custom-make printed catalogs for them.

» develop + way + to make + Nombre = buscar una forma de hacer Algo.

Example: Squeezed between the upper and nether millstones of increasing demand and dwindling resources, individual librarians develop ways in which to make their jobs easier.

» distance makes the heart grow fonder = la distancia es como el viento que apaga los fuegos pequeños pero aviva los grandes.

Example: Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or so people say, but long distance relationships change the structure of even the sturdiest romances.

» haste makes waste = vísteme despacio que tengo prisa.

Example: We have heard the 'haste makes waste' ditty since childhood.

» it takes all kinds (to make a world) = en la variedad está el gusto.

Example: It takes all kinds to make a world and introverts are a part of that population.

» it takes two to make a quarrel = dos no se pelean si uno no quiere, para pelearse hacen falta dos.

Example: It takes two to make a quarrel, family or otherwise, fathers or sons.

» make + a (bad) problem even worse = empeorar un problema.

Example: Our latest tests show that pumping the brakes at full throttle can make a bad problem even worse.

» make + a bad start = empezar mal, comenzar mal, empezar con mal pie, comenzar con mal pie, empezar con el pie izquierdo, comenzar con el pie izquierdo.

Example: We made a bad start to the season but now we're doing well.

» make + a bargain = llegar a un acuerdo, alcanzar un acuerdo, ponerse de acuerdo.

Example: The bargain which I made with Mr Johnson was seventy-five pounds (or guineas) a volume.

» make + a beeline for = irse derecho a.

Example: As they made a beeline for their favourite section their eye was attracted by books on other subjects and by different authors.

» make + a big deal about = montar un número, montar un numerito, montar un cirio, armar un escándalo, armar un lío, armar una bronca, armar la de San Quintín, armar bulla, hacer bulla, montar bulla, armarla, poner el grito en el cielo, ponerse (hecho/como) un energúmeno, ponerse (como/hecho) un diablo, llevar a Uno el diablo, llevar a Uno (todos) los diablos, ponerse (hecho/como) un demonio, llevar a Uno el demonio, llevar a Uno (todos) los demonios.

Example: He's the type of person who gets frustrated and makes a big deal about taking the wrong exit on the freeway or has a short fuse when something doesn't get done exactly the way he wants it.

» make + a big difference = suponer una enorme diferencia, suponer una tremenda diferencia.

Example: Its the little things that make a big difference.

» make + a big impact = pisar fuerte, andar pisando fuerte.

Example: The fiction genre is currently making a big impact on the US publishing scene and is increasingly popular in public libraries.

» make + a big noise = llamar la atención, causar sensación.

Example: Everyone here has made a big noise in support of the University of Maryland to the tune of $1000 or more.

» make + a big noise in the world = causar sensación en el mundo, cautivar al mundo.

Example: Mozart commented to Beethoven after hearing him perform, 'You will some day make a big noise in the world'.

» make + a bloomer = meter la pata, cometer un error garrafal, cometer un disparate, tirarse una plancha, meter una pifia, meter un pifiaso, pifiar.

Example: He is well-known for making bloomers in public engagements.

» make + a blunder = meter la pata, cometer un error garrafal, cometer un disparate, tirarse una plancha, meter una pifia, meter un pifiaso, pifiar.

Example: Since its independence 61 years ago our nation has erred, but this time they have made a blunder.

» make + a bold statement = afirmar categóricamente, reafirmar, exhaltar, ser atrevido.

Example: In addition, both were controversial libraries when they were constructed, and each was designed to make a bold statement about the important role of libraries within their respective city = Además, ambas fueron polémicas cuando se construyeron y se diseñaron para reafirmar el importante papel de las bibliotecas dentro de sus respectivas ciudades.

» make + a bolt for = echar a correr, salir zumbando, salir volando, salir pitando, salir disparado, salir corriendo, salir echando leches, salir como una flecha, salir echando humo.

Example: Most birds, faced with a predator, will make a bolt for safety, even if it means abandoning any eggs or chicks in its nest.

» make + a bomb = ganar un montón, ganar un pastón, ganar un pastizal, hacer una fortuna, forrarse (de dinero), ganar un dineral, ganar una millonada, enriquecerse, hacerse rico.

Example: A shoddy company is not meant to give you a permanent solution because their main focus is to make a bomb.

» make + a bomb = fabricar una bomba, hacer una bomba.

Example: Explosives experts say that to make a bomb from ammonium nitrate fertiliser is relatively straightforward.

» make + a buck = hacer dinero.

Example: Figure out your own way to make a buck, rather than waiting for the buck to come to you.

» make + a bundle (of money) = ganar un montón, ganar un pastón, ganar un pastizal, hacer una fortuna, forrarse (de dinero), ganar un dineral, ganar una millonada, enriquecerse, hacerse rico.

Example: For men who wanted to make a bundle of money quickly, and who had no scruples about how to do so, the livestock rustling business was booming in northeastern Montana.

» make + a business case = saber argumentar Algo convincentemente.

Example: A lack of internal resources was cited by 59% of respondents, and 34% said they lacked the data needed to make a business case for implementation.

» make + a change = hacer un cambio, cambiar, cambiar las cosas.

Example: The person assigned as coach goes over the work of the new abstractor, makes editorial changes, and discusses these changes with the new man.

» make + a charge sale = vender a crédito.

Example: Every time a charge sale is made, there are a number of things for the department store to do.

» make + a choice = tomar una decisión, hacer una elección, elegir, decidir, escoger, seleccionar.

Example: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

» make + a claim = afirmar, aseverar, mantener, reivindicar, reclamar.

Example: The claim is made that society is evolving from one whose formal communication patterns have, for centuries, been based primarily on print on paper to one in which communication channels will be largely paperless (electronic).

» make + a claim of responsibility = reivindicar la autoría, reivindicar la responsabilidad, atribuirse la responsabilidad, atribuirse la autoría.

Example: One analyst said the killings bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda but no claim of responsibility has been made.

» make + a claim upon = reclamar el control de.

Example: Those SLIS wishing to make claims upon emerging IT-based information markets must, however, attempt more than the provision of modified programmes, if they are to attain credibility.

» make + a clean break from/with = romper tajantemente con, romper completamente con, cortar radicalmente con, hacer borrón y cuenta nueva.

Example: This is the time when new standards were adopted for the accreditation of US library schools thus making a clean break with 19th century unwritten standards.

» make + a comeback = volver a ponerse de moda, resurgir, reaparecer, recobrar importancia, recobrar ímpetu, recobrar fuerzas.

Example: For quite some time wall-to-wall carpeting was considered an outdated form of flooring but it has recently made a comeback.

» make + a comment = hacer un comentario, comentar.

Example: This leaflet gives details of how to make a comment or complaint and how we will deal with complaints.

» make + a complaint = presentar una queja, presentar una reclamación, hacer una reclamación.

Example: This leaflet gives details of how to make a comment or complaint and how we will deal with complaints.

» make + a concerted effort = realizar un esfuerzo común, llevar a cabo una actuación común.

Example: This is the first time that a concerted effort was made to accommodate library education to university standards.

» make + a consideration = tener presente.

Example: There is, however, a further consideration that must be made, particularly if given the opportunity of planning a new building.

» make + a contingency plan = tomar medidas.

Example: If a library decides to introduce end user searching, the librarian must make contingency plans for possible user errors such as formatting the hard disc.

» make + a contract = firmar un contrato.

Example: As a result of the tender procedure a contract was made to construct the new Library and Department of Library and Information Studies.

» make + a contribution = hacer una contribución.

Example: Reading aids such as talking books, magnifiers and book stands have made a valuable contribution.

» make + a copy = hacer una copia, sacar una copia, hacer un duplicado, sacar un duplicado.

Example: If you want to make a copy on the machine, insert the document into the front slot face down until you hear a beep.

» make + additions = añadir entradas.

Example: Users with appropriate authorization may make additions to the authority files in searching.

» make + additions = añadir datos.

Example: In some instances it may be necessary to make additions to names in order to clarify to whom the name pertains.

» make + a deal = hacer un acuerdo, llegar a un acuerdo.

Example: Even if Putin really wants to make a deal, he has a number of qualities that make him a difficult partner.

» make + a decision = tomar una decisión.

Example: However, once a decision has been made to group similar types of entries other difficulties emerge in defining the categories.

» make + a deduction = deducir, llegar a una conclusión.

Example: The author discusses the various deductions which have been made from the results of the analysis.

» make + a demand = requerir, exigir, crear demanda.

Example: Also, informative abstracts make greater demands upon appreciation of subject content than indicative abstracts.

» make + a dent in = hacer mella en, afectar.

Example: Office automation products and techniques will be able to make a sizeable dent in the growing number of office workers.

» make + a deposit = hacer un ingreso.

Example: Whether you pay a fee for making a deposit depends on your bank.

» make + a deposit on = dar la entrada para.

Example: She then said 'Thanks for the offer, but I've signed a contract and made a deposit on an apartment'.

» make + a detour = desviarse, tomar un desvío, dar un rodeo.

Example: He was then forced to return the aircraft to Manchester airport after making a detour over the North Sea.

» make + a difference = ser importante, importar, marcar la diferencia, suponer una diferencia.

Example: If that cannot be determined, it hardly makes a difference which you use as main entry.

» make + a difference in the world = servir de mucho, ser importantísimo.

Example: It may be fun to discuss wondrous new products, but they won't make much difference in the world if they are too expensive.

» make + a din = montar un follón, armar un escándalo, armar la de San Quintín, armar bulla, hacer bulla.

Example: By midnight they were making such a din that the farmer's baby woke up.

» make + a discovery = descubrir Algo.

Example: Fairchild said that all you have to do is scrape an organ with the back of a scalpel to make a discovery.

» make + a disposition of = decidir qué hacer con.

Example: If it is proved that older files are not at all used, some disposition may be made of them at that time.

» make + a distinction between ... and ... = hacer una distinción entre... y..., distinguir entre... y....

Example: The Unesco guidelines allow a distinction to be made between the NTG (narrower term generic) and NTP (narrower term partitive) relationships.

» make + adjustment = hacer ajustes.

Example: The appropriate size for a university's main library building or buildings should be assessed by making adjustment for special circumstances.

» make + a doctor's appointment = pedir cita con el médico, hacer una cita con el médico, concertar una cita con el médico.

Example: Less than half of parents believe their 18- or 19-year-olds can make a doctor's appointment.

» make + a duplicate = hacer un duplicado, sacar un duplicado, hacer una copia, sacar una copia.

Example: You should make a duplicate of your project in progress so you don't do something stupid like delete it by mistake.

» make + advances = avanzar, lograr avances, realizar avances, progresar, hacer progresos, hacer adelantos.

Example: The author maintains that, aside from increasing computational speed, and thus real-time control, musically no advances have been made.

» make + advances at = dejar caer insinuaciones, hacer insinuaciones, insinuarse, tirar los tejos.

Example: I say this because my married boss keeps making advances at me, which I have been fighting off but he won't give up.

» make + a face (at) = hacer una mueca.

Example: I think people make faces to show an emotion they have such as pain, sadness, fear or joy.

» make + a false move = dar un paso en falso, hacer un movimiento en falso.

Example: A man with a gun said, 'If you make a false move, you're dead'.

» make + a fast buck = hacer dinero fácil, ganar dinero fácil.

Example: They are in a race to make a fast buck and make it big.

» make + a final attempt = hacer un intento final.

Example: Former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is making a final attempt to overturn his murder conviction.

» make + a fire = hacer un fuego, encender un fuego, encender una lumbre, hacer una lumbre.

Example: They made a huge fire, put on their war paint, danced vigorously around the fire to the sound of a large drum, waving their knives and their spears.

» make + a first impression = causar una primera impresión.

Example: According to an old saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression = Según un antiguo dicho, nunca se tiene una seguna oportunidad para causar una primera impresión.

» make + a fool of = dejar en ridículo.

Example: A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.

» make + a fool of + Reflexivo = hacer el ridículo.

Example: He made a fool of himself at a private function and was asked to leave.

» make + a fortune = hacer fortuna.

Example: Lester J. V. Halvorsen, a Swedish immigrant who made a fortune in lumber, built the mansion for his Italian bride.

» make + a fresh start = empezar de nuevo, comenzar de nuevo.

Example: In any event, first-time failed entrepreneurs should be given the opportunity to make a fresh start (except in cases of dishonesty).

» make + a friend = hacer un amigo, hacer amistad.

Example: When a child is turned on to books and reading, a lifelong 'friend' of the library has been made.

» make + a full recovery = recuperarse completamente, recuperarse totalmente.

Example: His thumb will be in a splint for five weeks but his doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

» make + a good first impression = causar una buena (primera) impresión, dar una buena (primera) impresión.

Example: Also, using proper grammar when speaking and avoiding slang is expected if you are to make a good first impression.

» make + a good impression on = causar una buena impresión en, crear una buena impresión en, dar una buena impresión a.

Example: If the head of reference services does not pass along the information to the staff the reference librarians, by being uninformed, will undoubtedly not make as good an impression on the important city managers.

» make + a good start = comenzar bien, empezar bien, comenzar con buen pie, empezar con buen pie.

Example: India has made a good start in computerised information processing and library services.

» make + a go of (it) = sacar adelante.

Example: Should he stay and make a go of his marriage (which was by no means bad) or should he leave and 'enjoy being single'; a touch of mid-life crisis.

» make + a hasty exit = salir a toda prisa, salir por piernas.

Example: The women will either look uncomfortable and make a hasty exit or will stand there with blank looks on their faces pretending not to have heard.

» make + a hole in + Posesivo + pocket = hacer un agujero en el bolsillo, costar un ojo de la cara.

Example: This new mobile phone packs in every common feature that a common man would like in his phone without making a hole in his pocket.

» make + a home for + Reflexivo = instalarse.

Example: This is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in New York and is so often the victim of street bullies that he hides in the subway, where he manages to make a home for himself.

» make + a huge difference = marcar una gran diferencia, suponer una gran diferencia.

Example: One tip for you, and this applies to any oven chips -- before you put them in the oven toss them in olive oil, salt and pepper, it makes a huge difference.

» make + a hullabaloo = montar un follón, montar un número, montar un cirio, montar un espectáculo, armar un follón, armar un escándalo, armar un lío, armar una bronca, armar la de San Quintín, armar bulla, hacer bulla, meter bulla, armarla.

Example: These people are usually quiet and modest -- they don't make a hullabaloo or announce themselves to the world and demand trophies.

» make + a joke = contar un chiste.

Example: Every time I make a joke I expect a few laughs and recently I told this girl a joke and it was very awkward when she didn't laugh.

» make + a joke about = mofarse de, bromear, ridiculizar.

Example: What was pinned up ranged from elaborate and beautifully executed illustrations to longish book reviews either typed or handwritten, and cartoons that made a joke about the book being suggested.

» make + a (out) joke of = dejar en ridículo, ridiculizar.

Example: This application never crashes or fails, has more intelligent features than any other similar program, and at 5.43 MB for the entire install it makes a joke of Microsoft bloatware.

» make + a journey = hacer un viaje, realizar un viaje.

Example: My dream is to make a journey without knowing where to go, perhaps without even arriving anywhere.

» make + a killing = hacer un gran negocio, hacer + Posesivo + agosto, forrarse.

Example: And he's dressed as if he just made a killing at a rummage sale!.

» make + a left turn = girar a la izquierda, hacer un giro a la izquierda, doblar a la izquierda, torcer a la izquierda.

Example: To make a left turn, signal well before the turn and move into the far left lane when the way is clear.

» make + Alguien + furious = poner + Alguien + frenético.

Example: 'You know I'm an easy-going person, but this has made me furious! I don't know what else to do'.

» make + a life's work of = dedicarse a, trabajar en.

Example: For librarianship students not intending to make a life's work of official publications the problem is to teach an awareness that they are not necessarily highly specialist materials of restricted interest.

» make + a living = ganarse la vida, ganarse la existencia, buscarse la vida, ganarse los garbanzos.

Example: Before leaving the problems of making a living from bookselling it is interesting to take note of one last set of figures in the surveys which give some details of the sales made by bookshops.

» make + a living for the family = mantener (a) la familia, traer el pan a casa, ganarse el pan, ganarse las habichuelas, ganarse los garbanzos, ganarse las lentejas.

Example: His wife sewed for others to make a living for the family while he was gone.

» make + alliances = establecer alianzas, crear alianzas.

Example: Major publishers of travel books and hotel guides have made alliances with software and hardware producers.

» make + allowances = tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta, hacer concesiones.

Example: Title indexes then are not true subject indexes, and allowances should be made during searching.

» make + all the difference in the world = servir de mucho, ser importantísimo.

Example: To the people in the field, it makes all the difference in the world.

» make + all the right noises = decir todo lo que hay que decir para causar una buena impresión.

Example: In his bid to drum up business for the U.K., Cameron has made all the right noises on issues critical to India.

» make + all the sense in the world = tener todo el sentido del mundo.

Example: Banning people who have unsafe sex from giving blood makes all the sense in the world to me.

» make + allusion to = hacer alusión a.

Example: At places in this exposition, I have made allusion to something that now needs emphasis in its own right.

» make + a loss = tener pérdidas, sufrir pérdidas.

Example: And, most importantly, even if a company makes a loss, it still has to pay its interest charges.

» make + alteration = realizar un cambio.

Example: They are able to make any alterations required immediately and the system saves time and manpower.

» make + a man of = hacer un hombre de, hacer un hombre.

Example: A mother takes twenty years to make a man of her boy, and another woman makes a fool of him in twenty minutes.

» make + a meal of = comerse, darse un banquete con, merendarse a, sacarle todo el jugo a.

Example: Even the fearsome shark knows enough not to drive away the pilot fish while it eats, nor does it make a meal of the pilot fish when food is scarce.

» make + a meal of = exagerar, complicarse la vida con, darle muchas vueltas a, darle demasiados rodeos a.

Example: A swarm of bees looks scarey, and the movies have made a meal of it, but bees are actually very passive.

» make + amenable = hacer asequible.

Example: The introduction to this code certainly repays reading, and contains sensible advice about how to make a filing order amenable to the public.

» make + amenable = amoldar, adaptar.

Example: This flexibility represents an attempt to make the code amenable to use in a variety of different library environments.

» make + amends (for/to) = resarcir, compensar, reparar un agravio, reparar un daño, reparar un perjuicio.

Example: The scholarships were established in 1979 to help make amends for the state's history of excluding blacks from the university.

» make + a mental note = tomar nota mental, hacer nota mental, memorizar.

Example: You can make mental notes all day long, but they lack the safety features of paper and digital notes.

» make + a mistake = cometer un error, cometer una falta, cometer un fallo.

Example: When mistakes have been made in invoicing or in paying a vendor, a credit or debit note is issued.

» make + a mockery of = ridiculizar, mofarse de.

Example: This makes mockery of the idea of a 'family wage' earned by the man on which wage negotiations and the idea of keeping women out of work are founded.

» make + a mountain out of a molehill = hacer una montaña de un grano de arena, ahogarse en un vaso de agua, exagerar.

Example: 'After all,' he thought to himself, 'I may be making a mountain out of a molehill in this thing'.

» make + a move = mover ficha, tomar la iniciativa, dar el/un primer paso.

Example: If a buyer finds something they like they should be prepared to make a move because chances are there's someone else making a move on the same property.

» make + a move = ponerse en marcha, cambiar de ambiente, cambiar de entorno, cambiar de aires.

Example: Being 26 and with no major ties in the UK, I thought it was a good time to make a move abroad.

» make + a move (on + Alguien) = flirtear, intentar ligar, tratar de ligar, tirar los tejos.

Example: If she wants you to make a move on her, then she will suggest doing activities that allow the two of you to be alone.

» make + a move (on/for) = mostrar interés por conseguir, interesarse por conseguir.

Example: If a buyer finds something they like they should be prepared to make a move because chances are there's someone else making a move on the same property.

» make + an about-face = cambiar radicalmente de postura, cambiar radicalmente de opinión, cambiar radicalmente de actitud, cambiar súbitamente de postura, cambiar súbitamente de opinión, cambiar súbitamente de actitud, dar media vuelta, dar marcha atrás, echar marcha atrás.

Example: Known for his scathing criticism of Israel, he has made an about-face and published a volume dedicated to health in Israel, highlighting its achievements and challenges.

» make + an accusation = acusar.

Example: From time to time the accusation is made that libraries are run for the convenience of the staff.

» make + an all-out effort = hacer un esfuerzo heroico, hacer un esfuerzo descomunal, hacer un esfuerzo gigantesco.

Example: Clearly, both political parties are making an all-out effort to woo young and first-time voters in the state which goes to polls later this year.

» make + a name for + Reflexivo = hacerse famoso, alcanzar la fama, despuntar, hacer carrera, volverse famoso, convertirse en famoso.

Example: He is another young gun looking to make a name for himself with the soccer fans.

» make + an amendment = hacer una enmienda.

Example: One the questions that has to be answered regarding this software is how easy it is to make amendments, for example to go back to amend a mistake in an earlier field.

» make + an announcement = anunciar, comunicar.

Example: A librarian made the announcement that he had in mind that the Library of Congress and about 13 other ARL (Association of Research Libraries) libraries do all of the cataloging for the country.

» make + an appeal to = hacer un llamamiento a.

Example: The national ethos is much more egalitarian than it was and more and more appeals can successfully be made to the argument of equality in political discussion.

» make + an appearance = hacer una aparición.

Example: Art works rarely come up for mention in his book, and the few artists who do play a role make appearances that are inconsequent and fleeting.

» make + an appointment = concertar una cita.

Example: For example, an unwed woman who fears she is pregnant may have appointments made for her at a medical clinic.

» make + an arse of + Reflexivo = hacer el ridículo.

Example: Shearer also made an arse of himself by perpetuating the myth of the noble English sportsman who never dives or pressurises referees.

» make + an attack = atacar.

Example: This has led David Beminghausen in the United States to make the most outspoken attack on those who are trying to influence the role of the American Library Association.

» make + an attempt = intentar, hacer un intento.

Example: No attempt is made here to provide a full comparative study.

» make + an early start = comenzar pronto, empezar pronto, comenzar temprano, empezar temprano.

Example: In the belief that the library has an inseparable role in the education of students, semester-long term paper counselling sessions are offered to encourage students to make an early start.

» make + an educated decision = tomar una decisión con conocimiento de causa.

Example: Before you start this Atkins diet, you need to understand the potential negative effects as well as how to counteract them in order to make an educated decision.

» make + an effort = hacer un esfuerzo, realizar un esfuerzo.

Example: For example, Chemical Abstracts makes an effort to cover dissertations of interest to the field of chemistry.

» make + an emotional appeal = suplicar, implorar.

Example: The mother of a missing 15-year-old girl has made an emotional appeal for information about the whereabouts of her daughter.

» make + an enquiry = hacer preguntas, preguntar, indagar, hacer averiguaciones, averiguar.

Example: The author discusses the general tendency noted for more girls than boys to make enquiries at the library.

» make + an error = cometer un error, equivocarse, cometer un fallo, cometer una falta.

Example: This has been taken a step further by using a screen editor to 'prevent the human indexer or coder from making syntactic errors in the first place'.

» make + a new life for + Reflexivo = comenzar una nueva vida, empezar una nueva vida, iniciar una nueva vida.

Example: A pretty kettle of fish indeed, out of whom only Tracy is really trying seriously to make a new life for herself.

» make + a new start = comenzar de nuevo.

Example: These courses give the student who has failed a second chance to make new start.

» make + an excellent job of = hacer Algo muy bien.

Example: For many years, however, librarians have made use of several firms of library binders who make an excellent job of rebinding damaged library books.

» make + an explicit statement = especificar, dejar claro.

Example: Subject field to be covered must be determined by making explicit statements concerning the limits of topic coverage, and the depth in which various aspects of the subject are to be treated.

» make + an honest living = ganarse la vida honradamente.

Example: I have heard a number of people say that illegal immigrants are 'Just trying to make an honest living'.

» make + an impression = dar una impresión, causar una impresión, dejar una impresión, dejar huella, hacer huella, dejar mella, hacer mella.

Example: The reference librarians, by being uninformed, will undoubtedly not make as good an impression on the important city managers.

» make + an inference = inferir, deducir, hacer una deducción, sacar una deducción.

Example: Although the subject of vendor-produced online databases was not examined directly, inferences can be made from the topics that were studied.

» make + an inquiry = preguntar.

Example: The library services person will then give you the author's address, if he does accept engagements, or, often, make a preliminary inquiry for you.

» make + an issue (out) of = convertir en un problema, hacer un problema de, dar demasiada importancia a, dar a Algo más importancia de la que tiene.

Example: When individuals come to work here, we don't make an issue of their past history -- we care about them getting a second chance.

» make + a nod to = hacer un guiño a.

Example: These twin brothers perform music from around the world, and in this special concert, they make a nod to their Eastern European roots.

» make + an offer = hacer una oferta.

Example: In all reality, the power now lies with serious buyers who know they have more room to negotiate when making offers.

» make + a noise = hacer un ruido, hacer ruido, formar ruido.

Example: However, the car makes a noise when it is first started, but only sometimes.

» make + a noise about = protestar, hacer insinuaciones sobre, empezar a hablar de.

Example: The really good news is that we can stand up as one and that all we have to do is make a noise about it.

» make + an opportunity = hacer posible, buscar la oportunidad, encontrar el tiempo.

Example: He said that if he is put back into power he will make an opportunity for dialogue with other political forces in the country.

» make + an opportunity (out) of = sacarle partido a, aprovecharse de.

Example: Unfortunately, there are some trying to make an opportunity out of this very turbulant situation.

» make + a note = tomar nota.

Example: One of the characteristic features of a post-coordinate indexing system is that searching amounts to more than making a note of the records listed under one index heading.

» make + answer = responder.

Example: The director chuckled an evasive chuckle before she made answer.

» make + an undertaking = llegar a un acuerdo, alcanzar un acuerdo, ponerse de acuerdo.

Example: An undertaking has been made that a piece of notation will not be revised and given another meaning.

» make + an uninformed decision = tomar una decisión sin conocer todos los datos.

Example: There is a concern that when presented too many information options, the individual begins to avoid being informed, and to relieve the anxiety, makes an uninformed decision.

» make + a pact with the devil = hacer un pacto con el diablo.

Example: Witches were branded as evil for, among other reasons, having made a pact with the devil and then having intercourse with him.

» make + a pass at = flirtear, intentar ligar, tratar de ligar, tirar los tejos.

Example: My husband told me a few months ago that a friend of mine had made a pass at him at a party.

» make + a passing mention = mencionar de pasada.

Example: Much of the scholarship on the vice-presidency makes but passing mention of these individuals, or focuses on their obvious shortcomings.

» make + a pig of + Reflexivo = ponerse ciego, ponerse tibio, ponerse morado, darse una comilona, darse una tripotada, darse un atracón.

Example: Whoever it was, notice that the one who made a pig of himself ruined the meal for everyone at the table.

» make + a pile (of money) = ganar un montón, ganar un pastón, ganar un pastizal, hacer una fortuna, forrarse (de dinero), ganar un dineral, ganar una millonada, enriquecerse, hacerse rico.

Example: Savvy merchants that stocked up when the price was low are in a good position to make a pile of money.

» make + a pit stop = entrar en boxes.

Example: With a damaged car, having to make a pit stop to change his front wing, the potential of a second place finish went up in smoke.

» make + a plea for = pedir encarecidamente.

Example: Whenever you see a librarian himself forced to make a passionate plea for funds, you may set it down that in that community there exists an imbalance of function.

» make + a point = presentar una idea, plantear una cuestión, suscitar una cuestión.

Example: It is usually expected that an abstract will cover all the main points made in the original document.

» make + a point of + Gerundio = hacerse el propósito de + Infinitivo, insistir, recalcar, resaltar.

Example: Reference librarians shouldy make a point of constantly reminding themselves that serving these needs is what they are doing.

» make + apology = hacer apología, justificar, defender, disculpar.

Made synonyms

successful in spanish: exitoso, pronunciation: səksesfəl part of speech: adjective ready-made in spanish: confeccionado, pronunciation: redimeɪd part of speech: adjective

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unmade pronunciation: ənmeɪd part of speech: adjective
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