Magic in spanish


pronunciation: mɑxikoʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
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magic1 = magia. [Nombre]

Example: A leader needs a clear and challenging vision, a magic with words, the ability to motivate others, the courage to stay on course, and the persistence not to lose hope.


» black magic = magia negra.

Example: Black magic protection talismans have been thoroughly accepted as a shield against black magic by people all around the world.

» white magic = magia blanca.

Example: Unlike voodoo or black magic, white magic has no occult practices and no negative effects.

magic2 = mágico. 

Example: The world round me may have grown dimmer with the passing of the years, but not the world reflected in the magic mirror of literature.


» cast + a (magic) spell = encantar, seducir, hechizar, embrujar, conjurar, echar un conjuro, hacer un hechizo, hacer un encantamiento.

Example: The player makes choices for his characters (such as whether to fight, cast a magic spell, or run away), and then the enemy takes a turn.

» have + the magic touch = tener el toque mágico.

Example: Readers are very perceptive about the books and quickly distinguish between authors who have the magic touch and those who do not.

» magic bullet = solución milagrosa.

Example: Medication is not a 'magic bullet' that will cure all behavioral problems.

» magic number = número mágico.

Example: In hindsight about 350k dollars (ballpark) turned out to be the magic number.

» magic panacea = panacea mágica.

Example: While not a magic panacea, this approach seems to be working for most of my students.

» magic potion = poción mágica, pócima mágica.

Example: Only one of the two flasks contains the magic potion that makes you superhuman, the other will turn you into something indescribably horrible.

» magic power = poder mágico.

Example: By the magic power of art, lead and mud have been turned into gold.

» magic spell = hechizo, conjuro, encanto, encatamiento.

Example: These love boats and the romantic Bahamas will no doubt continue to weave their magic spell.

» magic wand = varita mágica.

Example: For some of our readers, no matter how we wave the magic wand of persuasion, the library catalogue remains obdurately a pumpkin.

» magic word, the = palabra mágica, la.

Example: There is profound meaning in the clichéd image of a magician pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat with the magic word 'abracadabra'.

» say + the magic word = decir la palabra mágica.

Example: If you don't say the magic word just right, the door won't open.

» weave + a magic spell = encantar, seducir, hechizar, conjurar.

Example: These love boats and the romantic Bahamas will no doubt continue to weave their magic spell.

Magic synonyms

trick in spanish: truco, pronunciation: trɪk part of speech: noun illusion in spanish: espejismo, pronunciation: ɪluʒən part of speech: noun deception in spanish: engaño, pronunciation: dɪsepʃən part of speech: noun charming in spanish: encantador, pronunciation: tʃɑrmɪŋ part of speech: adjective wizard in spanish: mago, pronunciation: wɪzɜrd part of speech: noun legerdemain in spanish: prestidigitación, pronunciation: ledʒɜrdəmeɪn part of speech: noun supernatural in spanish: sobrenatural, pronunciation: supɜrnætʃɜrəl part of speech: adjective, noun magical in spanish: mágico, pronunciation: mædʒɪkəl part of speech: adjective witching in spanish: brujería, pronunciation: wɪtʃɪŋ part of speech: adjective, noun magic trick in spanish: truco de magia, pronunciation: mædʒɪktrɪk part of speech: noun sorcerous in spanish: hechicero, pronunciation: sɔrsɜrəs part of speech: adjective wizardly in spanish: mágico, pronunciation: wɪzɜrdli part of speech: adjective conjuring trick in spanish: truco de magia, pronunciation: kɑndʒɜrɪŋtrɪk part of speech: noun

Magic antonyms

maladroit pronunciation: mælədrɔɪt part of speech: adjective
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