Nailing in spanish


pronunciation: mɑgnifikoʊ part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

nail3 = clavar. 

Example: This book suggests ways for children to work successfully with scraps of wood by carving, sawing, hammering, nailing or gluing pieces together.


» nail down = concretar.

Example: The six essential planning guidelines are: identify the project, nail down the details, determine conversion methodology, develop a realistic conversion schedule, determine who is going to do your conversion, and tie the pieces together.

» nail it = conseguirlo, lograrlo, darle el puntillazo, remacharlo, salir redondo, salir de perlas, salir a las mil maravillas.

Example: It seems we have all taken swings at this problem without ever really nailing it.

nail4 = trincar, atrapar. 

Example: I will wait until the water recedes a little bit before I try and nail lots of these buggers.
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