Naked in spanish


pronunciation: desnudoʊ part of speech: adjective
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naked1 = desnudo. 

Example: The article 'Who dare say that the emperor is naked?' is a contribution to a thematic issue on literacy in Sweden and the contribution made by public library extension services.


» by the naked eye = a simple vista.

Example: A macroform is a generic term for any medium, transparent or opaque, bearing images large enough to be easily read by the naked eye.

» get + naked = desnudarse.

Example: The article 'Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: the making of a virtual librarian' provides some pointers to interesting Internet sites and useful gateways dealing with images of librarians.

» half-naked = semidesnudo, medio desnudo.

Example: It was a surprising turn-on to see my girlfriend half-naked in front of my roommates, their eyes popping out of their skulls and mouths hanging open.

» naked eye = ojo descubierto.

Example: A macroform is a generic term for any medium, transparent or opaque, bearing images large enough to be easily read by the naked eye.

» semi-naked = semidesnudo, medio desnudo.

Example: The case against two journalists accused of stealing semi-naked photographs of Kensit was thrown out of court today when the actress failed to turn up.

» sleep + naked = dormir desnudo, dormir con el culo al aire.

Example: Sleeping naked is not only comfortable, but it regulates your skin temperature, preventing you from waking in the middle of the night.

» stark naked = completamente en bolas, totalmente en bolas, completamente en cueros, totalmente en cueros, completamente en pelota(s), totalmente en pelota(s), completamente desnudo, totalmente desnudo.

Example: She ran into the street stark naked, waving her arms wildly and screaming at the top of her voice, 'Stop, stop!'.

» strip down + naked = desnudarse, despelotarse, empelotarse.

Example: John Brennan, a man who stripped down naked in protest at a Portland airport, was found not guilty of indecent exposure.

» strip + Nombre + naked = desnudar.

Example: She wanted me to take her home and strip her naked, then pop her cherry on her bed.

naked2 = puro, simple. 

Example: Everything in this book is set down without reference to context, or author's intention, or the naked facts and figures, or the difference between one kind of writing and reading and another.

Naked synonyms

open in spanish: abierto, pronunciation: oʊpən part of speech: adjective, verb bare in spanish: desnudo, pronunciation: ber part of speech: adjective overt in spanish: abierto, pronunciation: oʊvɜrt part of speech: adjective raw in spanish: crudo, pronunciation: part of speech: adjective, noun nude in spanish: desnudo, pronunciation: nud part of speech: adjective, noun defenseless in spanish: indefenso, pronunciation: dɪfensləs part of speech: adjective au naturel in spanish: au naturel, pronunciation: oʊnætʃɜrəl unaided in spanish: sin ayuda, pronunciation: əneɪdɪd part of speech: adjective unassisted in spanish: sin ayuda, pronunciation: ənəsɪstɪd part of speech: adjective unprotected in spanish: desprotegido, pronunciation: ənprətektɪd part of speech: adjective unclothed in spanish: desvestido, pronunciation: ənkloʊðd part of speech: adjective
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