Observation in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbseɹ̩bɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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observation1 = observación. 

Example: There are a number of ways of finding out something one wants to know: observation, trial and error experiment; asking someone; looking it up for oneself.


» chance observation = observación fortuita.

Example: From this chance observation, Kazantsev drew two conclusions: one dead on target, the other, way out in left field.

» hold under + observation = tener en observación, mantener en observación.

Example: Before an unredeemed dog is sold to a new owner, the poundkeeper may require that such dog be held under observation in a veterinary hospital.

» keep + Nombre + under observation = tener en observación, mantener en observación, mantener bajo vigilancia.

Example: In these cases, suspects can be kept under observation only if there is evidence against them.

» observation period = período de observación.

Example: Impact factors based on the usual 2 years' observation period may therefore be distorted by deviating ageing behaviour.

observation2 = observación, comentario. 

Example: I agree with the observation that in our catalog we had not brought together the 'American Scholar' and the 'Oration'.


» make + observation = hacer un comentario.

Example: As she tried to figure out how to change her and the library's image, she made some interesting observations.

Observation synonyms

notice in spanish: darse cuenta, pronunciation: noʊtəs part of speech: noun, verb reflection in spanish: reflexión, pronunciation: rəflekʃən part of speech: noun remark in spanish: observación, pronunciation: rɪmɑrk part of speech: noun, verb reflexion in spanish: reflexión, pronunciation: rɪfleksiən part of speech: noun observance in spanish: observancia, pronunciation: əbzɜrvəns part of speech: noun watching in spanish: acecho, pronunciation: wɑtʃɪŋ part of speech: noun
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