Paddy in spanish


pronunciation: ɑroʊθɑl part of speech: noun
In gestures

paddy1 = arrozal. 

Example: Paddy fields have turned rust brown in colour as the salt water destroyed the young paddy that had another couple of months before being ripe enough to harvest.


» paddy field = arrozal.

Example: The main canal emptying the paddy fields inland had served as the conduit for waves entering and destroying entirely the buildings beside it including the police station.

Paddy2 = irlandés. 

Example: 'Paddy' is used as a disparaging term for a person, especially a man, of Irish birth or descent.


» paddy wagon = furgón policial. [Nombre poco usado hoy día]

Example: Old-time police wagons were called 'Paddy Wagons', probably because most cops in those days were Irish.

Paddy synonyms

mickey in spanish: Mickey, pronunciation: mɪki part of speech: noun mick in spanish: mick, pronunciation: mɪk part of speech: noun paddy field in spanish: campo de arroz, pronunciation: pædifild part of speech: noun rice paddy in spanish: arrozal, pronunciation: raɪspædi part of speech: noun
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