Painting in spanish


pronunciation: pintuɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

paint2 = pintar. 

Example: The puppets were simple creations: cardboard heads painted and stitched onto pieces of cloth which formed the glove.


» overpaint = pintar sobre Algo ya pintado. 

Example: Clobbering is a form of decoration where the original designs or patterns have been disregarded or deliberately altered or disguised by overpainting with enamels and/or gilding.

» paint + a broad-brush picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: In this presentation, I wish to paint a broad-brush picture of this important area by drawing examples from our own work as well as from published literature.

» paint + a broad picture = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: Although there isn't room here to go into much detail, it may be worthwhile to paint a broad picture of how the migration actually went.

» paint + a clear picture = describir claramente, describir con claridad, presentar una imagen clara, dibujar una imagen clara.

Example: It's kind of like solving a puzzle -- you have all these oddly shaped pieces which can paint a clear picture if put together in the proper order.

» paint + a picture = dar una imagen, describir, presentar una imagen.

Example: The data paint a picture of a fragmented discipline.

» paint + Nombre + as = describir como, pintar como.

Example: Many commentators want to blame the Liberal Democrats for this, painting them as lily-livered social democrats with no real appetite for revolutionary change.

» paint + Nombre + with a broad brush = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada, describir a grandes rasgos.

Example: But just as it's not fair to paint any race or socioeconomic class with a broad brush, labeling them this or that, it's not fair that all police officers are ridiculed because of the actions of a few.

» paint-on medication = medicación de aplicación tópica.

Example: Unfortunately, women can't use nail polish and the paint-on medication at the same time.

» paint + the town red = salir de juerga, irse de juerga, salir de marcha, irse de marcha, salir de parranda, irse de parranda, irse de picos pardos, salir de jarana, irse de jarana.

Example: Another sign of middle age is when, after painting the town red, you have to rest a week before applying the second coat.

» repaint [re-paint] = volver a pintar, pintar de nuevo. 

Example: The library is undergoing a five-day 'extreme makeover' and will be repainted, re-carpeted, reconfigured and equipped with the latest furnishings.

» spray-paint = pintar con espray.

Example: The Government has ordered the police nationwide to spray-paint all private homes of alleged or suspected drug dealers in Manila.

painting = pintura, cuadro. 

Example: Within Human Science we find such subdisciplines as economics and sociology; within Art, painting and music.


» baroque painting = pintura barroca.

Example: His work is an early example of the use of ballroom and theater scenes in baroque painting.

» cave painting = pintura rupestre.

Example: Cave paintings, baked clay tablets, papyrus rolls, vellum, parchment and paper manuscripts, movable type printing; these have been the material objects by means of which man have communicated with their fellows.

» mural painting = pintura mural.

Example: Consider the subject 'Gothic mural painting in Bohemia and Moravia'; there are three foci here, Gothic, from the Time facet, mural, from the form facet, and Bohemia and Moravia from the Place facet, all three facets within the basic class Painting.

» oil painting = óleo, pintura al óleo.

Example: Examines the theme of dancing nudes by the seashore in watercolors and oil paintings by John Marin = Se examina el tema de desnudos bailando en la orilla del mar en pinturas de acuarelas y óleo de John Marin.

» old master painting = obra maestra de la pintura clásica.

Example: This study collection includes European art works, mostly old master paintings, from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

» portrait painting = retrato.

Example: Historical evidence includes portrait paintings, fashion plates and magazines, photographs, literary sources, pattern books, and trade catalogues.

» rock painting = pintura rupestre.

Example: Rock paintings there may perform the same function as the sacrificial aspersion of rocks with blood & chyme.

» surrealist painting = pintura surrealista.

Example: Art forms used include Homeric epic, medieval allegory, Tristam Shandy, Jorge Luis Borges, silent cinema and surrealist painting.

» wall painting = mural.

Example: This article studies monumental wall paintings and mosaics, focusing on the disposition of narratives in relation to their architectural ambients.

Painting synonyms

picture in spanish: imagen, pronunciation: pɪktʃɜr part of speech: noun house painting in spanish: pintando la casa, pronunciation: haʊspeɪntɪŋ part of speech: noun
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