Pal in spanish


pronunciation: kɑmɑɹ̩ɑdɑ part of speech: noun
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pal1 = amigo, amigote, camarada, compinche. 

Example: I found myself next to a red-headed gal who, it turned out, wanted nothing to do with me but make eyes at my pal.


» Look, pal, ... = Oye, tío, ....

Example: He then said: 'Look, pal, your budget will probably be one of the first to be cut in these budget-slashing times'.

» pen-pal [penpal] = amigo por correspondencia.

Example: The author describes the setting up and running of a pen-pal club which allowed users to find pen-pals who were members of public libraries.

PAL2 = PAL. 

Example: Europe and Australia (where experimental transmissions have been going on for some time) have a 50 Hz electricity supply, 625 line transmissions, and two non-compatible colour systems, PAL and SECAM.

Pal synonyms

brother in spanish: hermano, pronunciation: brʌðɜr part of speech: noun buddy in spanish: compañero, pronunciation: bʌdi part of speech: noun crony in spanish: amigote, pronunciation: kroʊni part of speech: noun chum in spanish: amigo, pronunciation: tʃʌm part of speech: noun sidekick in spanish: compañero, pronunciation: saɪdkɪk part of speech: noun chum up in spanish: amamantar, pronunciation: tʃʌmʌp part of speech: verb pal up in spanish: hacerse amigos, pronunciation: pælʌp part of speech: verb
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