Quadruped in spanish


pronunciation: kuɑdɹ̩upedoʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
In gestures

quadruped = cuadrúpedo. 

Example: Those herbivorous quadrupeds which browse the scanty vegetation on mountains are invariably much smaller than their brethren which crop the luxuriant produce of the plains.

Quadruped synonyms

quadrupedal in spanish: , pronunciation: kwɑdrupedəl part of speech: adjective four-footed in spanish: , pronunciation: fɔrfʊtɪd part of speech: adjective

Quadruped antonyms

biped pronunciation: baɪpt part of speech: noun bipedal pronunciation: baɪpədəl part of speech: adjective two-footed pronunciation: tujutəd part of speech: adjective
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