Quake in spanish


pronunciation: teremoʊtoʊ part of speech: noun
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quake = terremoto, temblor de tierra, seísmo. 

Example: The campus was hard hit by the quake and declared unsafe, one week before the spring semester was due to begin.

quake2 = estremecerse, temblar. 

Example: I stood on a solid hill, and it quaked like jelly or like some small house on the edge of a railway line when a heavy train thunders by.


» quake at + the knees = temblar las piernas.

Example: His ability to fast put everyone at ease, when we were all quaking at the knees, was the first thing that impressed me about him.

» quake in + Posesivo + boots = temblar de miedo, temblar de susto.

Example: In all likelihood she is quaking in her boots, terrified that you will think she's too stupid or inexperienced to be worth your time.

» quake with + fear = temblar de miedo, temblar de susto.

Example: She has made people quake with fear and roar with laughter since 1986, when her first horror novel hit bookstores.

» quake with + fright = temblar de miedo, temblar de susto.

Example: She sprang to the door, flung it open, and disappeared, leaving the husband and wife dumfounded and quaking with fright.

Quake synonyms

quiver in spanish: , pronunciation: kwɪvɜr part of speech: noun, verb tremor in spanish: , pronunciation: tremɜr part of speech: noun earthquake in spanish: , pronunciation: ɜrθkweɪk part of speech: noun temblor in spanish: , pronunciation: temblɜr part of speech: noun seism in spanish: , pronunciation: saɪzəm part of speech: noun
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