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pronunciation: tɹ̩imestɹ̩e part of speech: noun
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quarter1 = cuarto. 

Example: The old method of publication by syndicates of retail booksellers (who might also be wholesalers and/or printers) remained normal during the last quarter of the eighteenth century.


» a quarter of = un cuarto de.

Example: This ideology appealed widely to the librarian as well as the library user and held sway for nearly a quarter of a millennium when, in 1841, a catalytic event in the history of cataloging took place.

» forequarters = cuartos delanteros. 

Example: The angulation of the hindquarters balances that of the forequarters.

» hindquarters = cuartos traseros. 

Example: The angulation of the hindquarters balances that of the forequarters.

» one-quarter (1/4) = una cuarta parte, un cuarto, 1/4.

Example: The most significant finding was that one-quarter of public library users are young adults (12-18 years).

» quarter-bound = encuadernado en cuarto.

Example: The seventeenth century also saw the appearance of decorated papers, marbled and printed, but they were uncommon in retail work until they began to be used for covering the boards of half- and quarter-bound books in the 1730s.

» quarter-finals = cuartos de final.

Example: Defending champions Japan fought back from 1-0 behind to trounce Thailand 4-1 to qualify for the quarter-finals.

» second quarter = segundo trimestre.

Example: The Spanish airline swung to a net loss in the second quarter, hurt by falling demand for air travel as the recession grips Spain.

» three-quarters (3/4) = tres cuartos (3/4).

Example: The average costs of books bought rose from 1.54 to 1.70 with over three-quarters of sales in paperback form.

quarter2 = barrio. 

Example: The library is located in the marginalized quarter of the city of Guatemala.

quarter3 = lado, dirección, parte. 

Example: A reappraisal is therefore outlined here with the understanding that it is open to rebuttal and challenge from whatever quarter.


» at close quarters = de cerca, cuerpo a cuerpo.

Example: Horse riding holidays in Ireland are a great way to see the famous Irish countryside at close quarters.

» close-quarter combat = combate en espacios cerrados, combate en espacios confinados.

Example: Close-quarter combat is from very close hand-to-hand combat range up to 100 meters.

» close-quarter fighting = lucha mano a mano, pelea mano a mano, lucha cuerpo a cuerpo, pelea cuerpo a cuerpo.

Example: This book brings together the stories of soldiers involved in close-quarter fighting during World War Two.

» crowded quarter = local aglomerado, sitio aglomerado, lugar aglomerado.

Example: Overstimulation (ie, crowded quarters & loud noises) generally has negative effects on people.

» from every quarter = de todos lados, de todas direcciones, de todas partes.

Example: Finding long-term solutions will require ideas and initiative from every quarter.



» in many quarters = en muchos sectores, en muchos grupos, en muchos sectores de la población, en muchos grupos de la población.

Example: Rapid urban growth and suburban sprawl have heightened concern in many quarters about sustainable development.

» in some quarters = en algunos sectores, en algunos grupos, en algunos sectores de la población, en algunos grupos de la población.

Example: Amidst increasing signs in some quarters that the worst of the global economic slump could be over, analysts are looking for signs that Russia is close to recovery.

» living quarters = residencia, dependencias, alojamiento, aposento.

Example: The captain's living quarters in a warship were furnished according to his pocket, the bare necessities in the case of an officer without private means, and luxury for a noble or wealthy man.

» quarters = sectores, grupos.

Example: In modish quarters, it may even be de rigueur to appreciate the popular.

» quarters = alojamiento, sede, dependencias, residencia.

Example: Soon, however, the collection outgrew its meagre quarters and a full-fledged library occupying a 40x60 foot area came into being.

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