Quarterly in spanish


pronunciation: tɹ̩imestɹ̩ɑl part of speech: noun, adjective
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quarterly1 = trimestral. [Adjetivo que se utiliza para indicar que el documento en cuestión, normalmente una publicación periódica, se publica cuatro veces al año o trimestralmente]

Example: Microcomputers is a quarterly publication from Elsevier which lists available applications programs.


» quarterly publication = publicación trimestral.

Example: The former monthly publications on statistics of eggs, meat and milk have been amalgamated since 1980 into a quarterly publication, 'Animal Production'.

» quarterly report = informe trimestral.

Example: Katherine suggests sending ticklers to grantees before quarterly reports are due.

» quarterly update = actualización trimestral. [Actualización que se recibe de modo trimestral al estar suscrito a una publicación periódica]

Example: Limit your search to the latest quarterly update, or to a specific language or document type.

quarterly2 = trimestralmente. 

Example: Users are billed quarterly by the Post Office for the connect-time.

Quarterly synonyms

every quarter in spanish: , pronunciation: evɜrikwɔrtɜr part of speech: adverb
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