Quasi in spanish


pronunciation: kuɑsi part of speech: adjective
In gestures

quasi- = cuasi. 

Example: Because these quasi-common facets are still discipline-oriented, they do not cause any problems, but we also find that there are certain facets which can occur in more than one place but are not discipline-oriented.


» quasi-absence = casi ausencia.

Example: No direct effect of personnel on loans was fount at the primary level, and a quasi-absence of such effect at the secondary level.

» quasi-arithmetical = casi aritmético.

Example: Many subjects lend themselves to a quasi-arithmetical arrangement, eg music: solos, duets, trios, etc.

» quasi-clerical = medio administrativo, casi de auxiliar administrativo.

Example: The current situation has highlighted the inefficiency of employing highly paid librarians in quasi-clerical tasks.

» quasi-facsimile = reproducción casi facsímil. [Transcripción detallada y fiel de los datos bibliográficos (letras y símbolos) de un documento aunque no incluye el tipo de letra o la distribucion de los datos en el papel]

Example: The quasi-facsimile method is also used for transcribing imprints colophons, running titles, and indeed any other printed matter.

» quango (quasi-non-governmental organisation) = organismo semiautónomo, ente semiautónomo.

Example: This article seeks to evaluate the potential value of press releases to researchers by means of interviews with the press officers of two major government departments and two quasi-non-governmental organisations (quangos).

» quasi-synonym = cuasisinónimo. [Palabra cuya representación gráfica es diferente de otra pero tiene significado muy parecido y que en ciertos contextos se utiliza como si tuviese el mismo significado]

Example: Quasi-synonyms are terms which have different forms but similar meanings and which may for some specific purposes be considered synonyms.

» quasi-synonymous = cuasisinónimo.

Example: They are then taught to combine these lists of quasi-synonymous words or phrases into the form of a Boolean request by ORing within the lists and ANDing between them = A continuación, se les enseña a combinar estas listas de palabras o frases de cuasisinónimos insertando el operador "OR" entre los conceptos de cada lista y el operador "AND" para separar una lista de otra.

» quasi-universal = casi universal.

Example: AACR2 is a quasi-universal cataloguing code that is either in use in, or influencing the codes of, most of the countries in the world.
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