Rabbit in spanish


pronunciation: koʊnexoʊ part of speech: noun
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rabbit = conejo. 

Example: For example, a rabbit is always a mammal of a particular species and sometimes a pest, a pet, or the basis of a stew.


» bunny rabbit = conejito.

Example: Bunny rabbits are surprisingly curious and sociable, and can be trained to fit right into most households as beloved members of the family.

» Easter rabbit = conejo de Pascua.

Example: Those Easter rabbits who survive the first few months quickly reach maturity and that is when the interest in them starts to wane, because they are no longer cute and tiny.

» jackrabbit = liebre.

Example: Thus the brown hare, the blue hare, the Arctic hare, and the jackrabbit are all species of the genus Leporidae.

» rabbit burrow = conejera.

Example: In order to reducing disease risk to livestock scrubs were fenced to prevent expansion of rabbit burrows into grazing pastures.

» rabbit hole = conejera.

Example: Prior to releasing the ferret the rabbit holes are covered by nets held in place by stakes.

» rabbit netting = tela metálica, malla metálica.

Example: Individual shrubs and trees can be protected using rabbit netting cylinders.

» rabbit-proof = a prueba de conejos.

Example: He wrote an article with the title 'A rabbit-proof fence: benefits and problems of isolation in Western Australia'.

» rabbit-skin glue = cola de piel de conejo.

Example: Some gilders would mix bole with rabbit-skin glue to stick gold leaf on objects.

» rabbit warren = conejera, madriguera de conejos.

Example: A dog is reunited with its owner after being stuck for almost nine hours down a rabbit warren in Shrewsbury.

» Welsh rabbit = tostada con queso derretido. [También escrito Welsh rarebit]

Example: The recipe for Welsh rabbit dates back over one hundred years and remains popular with all ages today.

rabbit on about2 = dar la tabarra sobre, dar la vara sobre, hablar sin parar sobre, dar la lata sobre. 

Example: Anyhow I'll stop rabbiting on about how awesome it is and let you see for yourselves.

Rabbit synonyms

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