Racetrack in spanish


pronunciation: pistɑ part of speech: noun
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race track = pista de atletismo. 

Example: The real world is not a racetrack, countries are not runners, and there is no finish line.

race track = hipódromo. 

Example: When people make bets at the race track, they sometimes mistakenly think they have lost and throw away their ticket.

race track = circuito de carreras. 

Example: In fact, everything they collect at race tracks, including used oil, oil filters, anti-freeze, brake fluid and oily rags is recycled into useable products.

Racetrack synonyms

track in spanish: , pronunciation: træk part of speech: noun racecourse in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪskɔrs part of speech: noun raceway in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪsweɪ part of speech: noun
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