Race in spanish


pronunciation: kɑreɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

race1 = raza. 

Example: Tradition may sanction the use of the word 'man' to mean the human race.


» human race, the = raza humana, la. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: The human race has produced since the invention of movable type a total record, in the form of magazines, newspapers, advertising blurbs, correspondence.

» mixed race = mulato, mestizo, multiracial.

Example: Do people of mixed race feel caught between two stools or are they nestling in the best of both worlds?.

» race equality = igualdad entre las razas, igualdad racial.

Example: The article 'Race equality and information technology in Europe' focuses on how information technology impacts on the quality of life of black people.

» race-neutral = neutral desde el punto de vista de la raza, no racista.

Example: Some black librarian see little progress towards race-neutral attitudes and finds themselves either directly or indirectly snubbed, patronise or completely ignored by users as well as staff members.

» race-related = relacionado con cuestiones raciales.

Example: Few American colleges are immune to racial tensions, and race-related incidents tend to flare up at this or that campus.

race2 = carrera, competición. 

Example: Equality of opportunity is a myth: whilst some people start the race highly trained and wearing spikes others have balls and chains attached to their ankles and wear hobnailed boots = La igualdad de oportunidades es un mito: mientras que algunas personas empiezan la carrera muy preparados y llevan zapatillas de clavos, otras arrastran grilletes y cadenas en sus tobillos y llevan botas con clavos.


» arms race, the = carrera armamentista, la.

Example: This project was undertaken to see which resources were available in Canadian public libraries on the general issues of world peace, nuclear disarmament, the arms race, the nuclear threat, national defence policy.

» auto race track = pista de automovilismo.

Example: The sport facilities selected for study were five coliseums and five auto race tracks.

» bicycle race = carrera de ciclismo, carrera ciclista, carrera de ciclistas.

Example: This bicycle race is revered the world over for its reputation as one of the toughest but most gratifying endurance challenges available, bar none.

» car race = carrera de coches, carrera de automóviles.

Example: His father died in a car race, but racing is in Wayne's blood.

» congressional race = elección al congreso.

Example: There are also elections where a presidential candidate has long electoral coattails that pull many members of his party to victory in congressional races.

» cross-country race = carrera campo a través.

Example: In the last few weeks of the season, increase the intensity by running the uphills at cross-country race effort while keeping the downhills at tempo effort.

» cycling race = carrera de ciclismo, carrera ciclista, carrera de ciclistas.

Example: Summer may have reached the halfway point, but there's still time to sign up for your first cycling race.

» election race = campaña electoral.

Example: Such discussions become circular and self-perpetuating, and self-congratulating, very quickly -- as the Howard Dean Campaign discovered, too late and fatally, during the current US Presidential election race.

» foot race = carrera a pie, carrera pedestre.

Example: He has become one of the first people in the world to complete a gruelling foot race involving four deserts on four different continents.

» hurdles race = carrera de vallas, carrera de obstáculos.

Example: It is almost a cross between a long-distance race and a hurdles race as runners must jump over 28 'barriers' as well as 7 water jumps.

» Indy race = carrera de coches, carrera de automóviles. [Del circuito Indy de los Estados Unidos]

Example: If you've ever watched an Indy race on TV and see a driver lose control going into corners it's because they downshift too early.

» long-distance race = carrera de larga distancia, carrera de fondo.

Example: It is almost a cross between a long-distance race and a hurdles race as runners must jump over 28 'barriers' as well as 7 water jumps.

» middle-distance race = carrera de medio fondo.

Example: In international competitions, middle-distance races include the 800 metres, the 1,500 metres (the metric mile), and the 3,000 metres (a steeplechase event for men, but a regular run for women).

» motocross race = carrera de motocros.

Example: Just by being in the proximity of a motocross race or snowboarding competition can help you start flirting with danger.

» motorcycle race = carrera de motos, carrera de motocicletas.

Example: When competing in a motorcycle race, it's always important to get the best possible start.

» nuclear race = proliferación nuclear.

Example: If Iran, which is moving ahead with its nuclear program, is allowed to become a nuclear power then a regional nuclear race will be unavoidable.

» obstacle race = carrera de obstáculos.

Example: I've found training for obstacle races has been a great way to stay fit over the summer and has been a lot of fun.

» potato sack race = carrera de sacos.

Example: The potato sack race is another outdoor game that is popular today.

» presidential race = carrera presidencial.

Example: The author of 'Let's get real about the presidential race' accuses both presidential candidates of not addressing the real issues affecting our economy.

» race against the clock = carrera contra el tiempo, carrera contra reloj.

Example: Poverty and hunger: a race against the clock.

» race against time = carrera contra el tiempo, carrera contra reloj.

Example: He said it is like a race against time, trying to find medications to help my depression.

» race car driver = corredor de coches de carreras.

Example: Race car drivers risk their lives in the high-speed chase for fame and fortune.

» racecourse = hipódromo.

Example: About 38 per cent of these horses die on racecourses, while the others are destroyed as a result of training injuries, or are killed because they are no longer commercially viable.

» race driver = corredor de carreras.

Example: He's probably the shrewdest and most calculating race driver ever, never wasted an opportunity for a victory or a championship point.

» racehorse [race horse] = caballo de carreras.

Example: When it comes to racehorses, males get all of the attention.

» race track = pista de atletismo.

Example: The real world is not a racetrack, countries are not runners, and there is no finish line.

» race track = hipódromo.

Example: When people make bets at the race track, they sometimes mistakenly think they have lost and throw away their ticket.

» race track = circuito de carreras.

Example: In fact, everything they collect at race tracks, including used oil, oil filters, anti-freeze, brake fluid and oily rags is recycled into useable products.

» rat race, the = vorágine de la vida moderna, la.

Example: The rat race grips the majority of Americans - it's an endless cycle of work, debt, and consumption with very little time for doing what we love to do = La mayoría de los americanos estamos atrapados en la vorágine de la vida moderna, en el círculo interminable del trabajo, la deuda y el consumo y con muy poco tiempo para hacer lo que realmente nos entusiasma .

» relay race = carrera de relevos.

Example: A total of 10,000 relay race runners from all parts of the world are expected to carry the Olympic flame.

» run + a cross-country race = participar en una carrera de campo a través.

Example: You should start six weeks before the start of a cross country season in order to get your body in shape to run a cross country race.

» sack race = carrera de sacos.

Example: The sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves.

» slow and steady wins the race = poco a poco se llega (muy) lejos, paso a paso se llega (muy) lejos.

Example: Despite a few setbacks and slower progress than we'd hoped; we truly believe that slow and steady wins the race!.

» soapbox derby race = carrera de coches improvisados sin motor. [Costumbre anglosajona de organizar carreras de coches generalmente hechos por las familias de los niños que los conducen cuesta abajo sin ningún otro medio que propulsión que la propia gravedad de la inclinación ]

Example: Soapbox derby races have been taking place atop Bernal Hill since the 1970s.

» three-horse race = lucha entre tres.

Example: Sevilla ended Real Madrid's unbeaten start to the season with a 2-1 victory on Sunday which underlined the Spanish title race will be a three-horse race.

» three-legged race = carrera de tres piernas.

Example: The sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves.

» title race = lucha por el título.

Example: Sevilla ended Real Madrid's unbeaten start to the season with a 2-1 victory on Sunday which underlined the Spanish title race will be a three-horse race.

race3 = competir, correr, correr a toda prisa, ir a toda prisa. 

Example: These companies have been racing to define the information superhighway for themselves, and to stake a claim in what they view as the economic engine of the information age.


» race against + the clock = ir en contra del tiempo, ir a contra reloj, ir en contra del reloj.

Example: The emergency services were frantically racing against the clock to try and hold together their city which was coming apart at the seams.

» race against + time = ir en contra del tiempo, ir a contra reloj, ir en contra del reloj.

Example: The officials and the workers involved in the rescue operations were racing against time to save the child.

» race + Nombre + to = llevar a toda prisa.

Example: They raced him to a police van and drove away.

» race + Nombre + to = echar una carrerilla.

Example: Kahne tried to pass Matt Kenseth coming out of the final turn and raced him to the finish line, only to lose by .010 seconds.

» race + Nombre + to the hospital = llevar al hospital con toda urgencia, llevar al hospital urgentemente, llevar al hospital de bulla y corriendo, llevar al hospital de prisa y corriendo.

Example: We raced her to the hospital, where she received anti-venom, morphine and fluids.

» race + past = pasar por alto rápidamente, pasar de largo rápidamente.

Example: Again and again, the author races past important events in Evans' life in order to dwell on all his bedroom conquests and juvenile hijinks.

» race up and down = correr a toda prisa de arriba para abajo, ir a toda prisa de arriba para abajo.

Example: These are the same morons that race up and down streets on quads and dirt bikes and the police do nothing about it.

Race synonyms

run in spanish: , pronunciation: rʌn part of speech: verb, noun speed in spanish: , pronunciation: spid part of speech: noun rush in spanish: , pronunciation: rʌʃ part of speech: noun, verb wash in spanish: , pronunciation: wɑʃ part of speech: verb, noun hasten in spanish: , pronunciation: heɪsən part of speech: verb hie in spanish: , pronunciation: haɪ part of speech: verb backwash in spanish: , pronunciation: bækwɑʃ part of speech: noun slipstream in spanish: , pronunciation: slɪpstrim part of speech: noun hotfoot in spanish: , pronunciation: hɑtfʊt part of speech: adverb, verb airstream in spanish: , pronunciation: erstrim part of speech: noun subspecies in spanish: , pronunciation: sʌbspɪsiz part of speech: noun raceway in spanish: , pronunciation: reɪsweɪ part of speech: noun cannonball along in spanish: , pronunciation: kænənbɔləlɔŋ part of speech: verb belt along in spanish: , pronunciation: beltəlɔŋ part of speech: verb rush along in spanish: , pronunciation: rʌʃəlɔŋ part of speech: verb bucket along in spanish: , pronunciation: bʌkətəlɔŋ part of speech: verb pelt along in spanish: , pronunciation: peltəlɔŋ part of speech: verb

Race antonyms

linger pronunciation: lɪŋgɜr part of speech: verb dawdle pronunciation: dɔdəl part of speech: verb
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