Racket in spanish


pronunciation: rɑketɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

racket1 = raqueta. [También escrito racquet]

Example: Any sport that involves a stick or racket, a ball or other projectile, or body contact presents a risk of serious eye injury.


» tennis racket = raqueta de tenis. [También escrito tennis racquet]

Example: Until 1965, all professional tennis rackets were made of wood.

racket2 = tinglado, algarabía, bulla, bochinche, alboroto, jaleo, escándalo, barullo, guirigay. 

Example: He says the library science degree is a racket; that there's nothing taught in library school that can't be better learned on the job.


» drug racket = negocio de tráfico de drogas.

Example: Only those that are in favor of a drug-ridden society or those who are directly profiting from the drug racket would oppose such a program.

» extortion racket = grupo chantajista, mafia.

Example: Four persons, including a woman, have been arrested for allegedly running an extortion racket under the guise of a news agency.

» labour racket = extorsión sindical.

Example: The income helped support illegal gambling, bookmaking, loan sharking, and labor rackets in northern Ohio.

» make + a racket = montar un follón, montar un número, montar un cirio, armar un escándalo, armar un lío, armar una bronca, armar la de San Quintín, armar bulla, hacer bulla, meter bulla, armarla.

Example: In this illustrated book, children are encouraged to make a racket before slowly quietening down for a sound night's sleep.

Racket synonyms

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