Radiation in spanish


pronunciation: rɑdiɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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radiation = radiación. 

Example: A radiograph is a photograph produced by the passage of radiation, such as X rays, gamma rays, or neutrons, through an opaque object.


» electromagnetic radiation = radiación electromagnética.

Example: There are those who argue the string of pylons will deface the landscape, and there are those who insist the electromagnetic radiation will give everyone cancer.

» ionising radiation = radiación ionizante.

Example: Exposure to ionising radiation can increase the risk of cancer and high doses can cause serious damage, including radiation burns.

» radiation chemistry = química para la radiación.

Example: The author describes the design, structure, and use of numeric data bases for property data derived from photochemistry, photophysics, and radiation chemistry.

» radiation source = fuente de radiación.

Example: Radio waves are utilized for transmission between aerials (antennas), or radiation sources and sensors.

» radiation therapy = radioterapia.

Example: The author describes a patient treatment collaboration between the physician at the nuclear reactor performing the radiation and the radiation planning experts at a radiation therapy clinic.

» solar radiation = radiación solar.

Example: In this way the heat generated by the lighting, people and solar radiation is recovered to heat the building.
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