Safeguard in spanish


pronunciation: sɑlbɑguɑɹ̩diɑ part of speech: verb, noun
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safeguard1 = protección, salvaguarda, medida de protección, medida preventiva. 

Example: DBMS systems aim to provide data security and access safeguards.

safeguard2 = salvaguardar, proteger. 

Example: And some way down the list of benefits was a rash promise to 'slash the red tape that hinders our trade with Europe -- and thereby safeguard the 2 1/2 million jobs involved'.


» safeguard + Posesivo + future = salvaguardar + Posesivo + futuro.

Example: For the 1990s public libraries must safeguard their future with a clearly structured concept and hierarchically ordered set of priorities.

Safeguard synonyms

precaution in spanish: , pronunciation: prikɔʃən part of speech: noun
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