Safekeeping in spanish


pronunciation: kustoʊdiɑ part of speech: noun
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safekeeping [safe-keeping] = salvaguadia, custodia, cuidado. 

Example: The records were forwarded to Australia from the 30s to 50s for safekeeping.


» in + Posesivo + safekeeping = bajo + Posesivo + custodia, en + Posesivo + recaudo, a + Posesivo + cuidado.

Example: Financial institutions are custodians and are therefore legally responsible for the items in their safekeeping.

» in safekeeping = en un sitio seguro, en un lugar seguro, en buenas manos, a buen recaudo, a salvo.

Example: She would hold it in safekeeping until they were both free of danger, healthy, and enjoying the life he had promised.

Safekeeping synonyms

keeping in spanish: , pronunciation: kipɪŋ part of speech: noun guardianship in spanish: , pronunciation: gɑrdiənʃɪp part of speech: noun
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