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pronunciation: lenguetɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

tab1 = lengüeta, pestaña saliente. [En un índice o catálogo, trozo de la ficha o de la hoja que sobresale y sobre el que se indica la sección que ahí comienza]

Example: Tabs should be used in card or sheaf catalogues, and thumb holes in the latter where possible.


» guitar tab = tablatura.

Example: Guitar tabs are a simple form of transcribing music using alphanumeric characters.

» keep + close tabs on = controlar muy de cerca, seguir muy de cerca, estar muy pendiente de, vigilar de cerca.

Example: Police busted the group after keeping close tabs on their activities.

» keep + tabs on = controlar, seguir de cerca, llevar la cuenta de, estar pendiente de, indagar, examinar, averiguar.

Example: The physical effort of keeping tabs on people as well as the distasteful practice of checking up on staff output achieves nothing and may do considerable damage.

» tab key = tecla de tabulación.

Example: The tab key is typematic (the key function is repeated if the key is held dow) and will move the cursor quickly to each field.

» tab position = tabulación.

Example: The margins and tab positions are set automatically according to the option chosen.

tab2 = cuenta. 

Example: If you are at a restaurant where you have been at the bar for a while before going to your table, close the tab at the bar and tip the bartender.


» pay + the tab = pagar la factura, pagar las consecuencias.

Example: Unless more of us refuse to be content to coast along, living off the fat of the land and leaving others to pay the tab, there is no guarantee that America will be a better place for our children than it was for us.

» pick up + the tab = correr con los gastos, pagar la cuenta, pagar.

Example: The article 'Who should pick up the tab' deals with the issue of charging fees for library services.



» backtab = retroceder con el tabulador.

Example: The character is best entered at the start of the circulation procedure by backtabbing to the field and typing in the character.

» tab over to = desplazar el cursor en pantalla pulsando la tecla de tabulación.

Example: The following qualifiers may be added to any search by tabbing over to the appropriate heading and typing in the desired data.

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check in spanish: , pronunciation: tʃek part of speech: verb, noun chit in spanish: , pronunciation: tʃɪt part of speech: noun
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