Tabular in spanish


pronunciation: tɑbulɑɹ̩ part of speech: adjective
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tabular = tabular. [Presentación de datos, normalmente numéricos, en columnas]

Example: Spreadsheets also make it possible to convert tabular output into line graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs.


» tabular abstract = resumen tabular.

Example: Statistical, tabular and numerical abstracts are a means of summarizing numerical data, which may be presented in its original format in a tabular form.

» tabular format = formato de presentación en columnas. [Forma de presentar la información en columnas]

Example: Recent studies recognize the importance of display format design and appear to indicate that tabular or labelled formats are preferred to traditional or narrative layouts by the user.
Tabular synonyms:
systematic in spanish: , pronunciation: sɪstəmætɪk part of speech: adjective planar in spanish: , pronunciation: pleɪnɜr part of speech: adjective two-dimensional in spanish: , pronunciation: tudɪmenʃənəl part of speech: adjective
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