Tabulate in spanish


pronunciation: tɑbulɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

tabulate1 = pulsar la tecla del tabulador. 

Example: Next, tabulate again to the area for passwords.

tabulate2 = presentar en forma de tabla. 

Example: Figure 18.1 tabulates in summary form many of the attractions of computerised cataloguing systems.


» cross-tabulate = comparar, cotejar.

Example: Survey items, including subject searched, method of instruction, amount of searching experience, data base selected, and perceived relevance of citations retrieved, were cross-tabulated and examined for significance using the chi squared test.

Tabulate synonyms

tabularize in spanish: , pronunciation: tæbjəlɜraɪz part of speech: verb tabularise in spanish: , pronunciation: tæbjulɜriz part of speech: verb
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